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Feature Products

How to choose memory cards?

When choosing your memory cards, there are several things you must consider before making a final decision. One particular aspect of the flash memory cards you should pay special attention to is its capacity. This one is fairly straightforward, and not a big deal. A 32GB memory card can hold up to about 1000 RAW photographs. Assuming that one RAW file size is 30MB, in general, a Canon 5D MKIII will produce a RAW file between 25-35MB in size. Likewise, a 16GB card can hold up to about 500 photographs, and so on. If you shoot in jpeg format, then a 32GB card can hold around 3200 photographs, assuming you have your jpeg settings as fine in detail, and large in file size. With that setting a jpeg file will come in at an average size of 10MB on a Canon 5D MK III camera.

Other factors to compare across digital streamers include types of memory cards (eg. SD, Micro SD, Cf, M2) and the speed of the card.

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