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Mwave offers a range of essential PC cooling accessories to enhance your computer's performance and longevity. Discover our selection of fan covers for increased safety and dust reduction, splitter cables for optimal fan connectivity, and ducting solutions for efficient airflow management.

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  • DeepCool EK720 High Performance Thermal Pad - Large - Grease Colour: Grey - Thermal Impedance: 0.8 ?·cm²/W - Thermal Conductivity: 6.0 W/m·K - Specific Gravity(25?): 3.4±0.2 g/cc - Operating Temperature: -40°C to +200°C - GP/EK720-L-1.5(WG) - 12 Months Limited Warranty
    SKU#: AC47638 Model#: EK720 L-1.5
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Products


Buy cooling accessories from Mwave!

Mwave’s stocks a range of cooling accessories from leading brands such as Noctua, Silverstone and many more! Using cooling accessories, you can increase the total number of fans in your system using ‘Y-splitters’ and fan cable extensions. Using Noctua Chromax fan cables you can also customise the look of your PC.