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Immerse yourself in your favourite game with a new gaming monitor. From Full HD gaming monitors to high refresh-rate 1440p gaming monitors and curved or flat 4K and ultrawide monitors, you can find what you need from Mwave's massive inventory. Top-of-the-line and budget-friendly gaming monitors from various brands such as LG, Samsung, AOC, Viewsonic and many others are readily available at competitive prices

Showing 161 - 200 of 211 Products

Showing 161 - 200 of 211 Products

Mwave’s gaming monitor range features value models up to high-end 4K and curved, ultrawide, high refresh rate 1440p/1600p G-Sync/Freesync displays. Our range features gaming monitors up to 43 inches from leading brands such as, BenQ, BenQ (Zowie), AOC, Asus, Acer (Predator) and many more!   


What makes gaming monitors better than standard monitors?

Gaming monitors typically feature low response time, high refresh rates and often adaptive refresh rates (G-Sync or Freesync). The low response times can give you a competitive edge over your rivals in reaction time critical games such as CS:GO. High refresh rates mean you will see a cleaner, less blurred image in fast paced games. Both the high and adaptive refresh rates help eliminate tearing when your PC produces more frames than your monitor can handle. It can also help alleviate input lag when your PC drops below the native refresh rate as it can dynamically alter its refresh rate to meet your frames-per-second (FPS). Gaming monitors also feature aesthetically pleasing and more interesting designs.


What’s the difference between 144Hz and 60Hz monitors?

A brief discussion about what refresh rates are, is necessary to answer this question. 

The time it takes for a monitor to refresh an image onscreen is known as its refresh rate. Refresh rates are measured in Hertz (HZ). A monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate refreshes images 60 times per second. A display with a 144Hz refresh rate updates images 144 times per second. Because of its faster speed, you see smoother movements onscreen on a 144Hz monitor than on a 60Hz screen. You thus get to have a better experience when playing action games with a monitor that has a high refresh rate.  

Is a 144Hz monitor the best for everyone?

Not exactly.

If you are a content creator and you use image-editing tools daily, a 60Hz monitor is enough because your focus is not viewing smooth gaming action, but colour accuracy. You do not edit images that are moving, after-all, when you are retouching a photo and applying some special effects. 

If you are a hardcore gamer and want the best performance when playing first-person shooters, third-person RPGs, and racing games, go ahead and consider buying a 144Hz gaming monitor. If you are not a gamer or you mainly use your PC for image editing, consider purchasing a 60Hz professional monitor.