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Desk Mounts allow you to position your monitors at a height, angle, and orientation for the best and most comfortable viewing experience. Mwave offers a wide variety of desk mounts engineered for different screen sizes and shapes, from conventional flat screens to large ultrawide, curved displays. Browse our inventory of desk mounts and get to work or game better with a single or multiple displays positioned optimally.


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Showing 1 - 40 of 213 Products


At Mwave, we stock a wide variety of desk mounts that suit every need and budget. Our inventory of monitor desk mounts range from single-arm clamp stands to multi-arm grommet base mounts. We sell high-quality desk mounts from leading manufacturers such as Brateck, StarTech, Silverstone, Atdec, Vision Mounts, and many more!


What is a desk mount?


A desk mount, also known as a desk monitor mount, is a computer or TV display accessory used for holding, securing, and positioning computer monitors or compatible mountable TVs.


What are the benefits of using a desk mount?


There are several benefits in using a desk mount for one or more monitors:


  1. You get more space available on your desk.
  2. You get to position your display the way you want or need.
  3. Desk mounts with built-in cable management let you hide and secure your cables for an uncluttered and neat desk.
  4. Better ergonomics since you get to position the monitor(s) at a comfortable distance and position, thereby reducing and preventing eye strain as well as neck and back pain.


Can I use a desk mount for a curved display?


Yes. Just be sure to confirm VESA compatibility and that the desk mount (and desk) can support the weight of the curved display. Many displays are VESA compliant, so you most likely won't be having any difficulty in finding a compatible desk mount for your display.