Curved Monitors

Curved monitors provide some of the best immersion when watching videos and gaming.  Curved displays direct the image more naturally from the screen towards your eyes, enabling you to see fuller images within your natural field of view.  Get a brand new curved monitor for better video and gaming immersion.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 121 Products

Why do I need a curved monitor?


Curved monitors are widely considered to improve immersion in consuming content - including gaming. Several video streaming services and YouTube offer 21:9 content which curved ultrawide monitors can take advantage of. Popular curved monitors include the 35 inch BenQ EX3501R which features a 100Hz refresh rate lag-free 4K UHD gaming.



How are curved monitors better than conventional flat-screen monitors?


Flat-screen monitors direct light straight ahead, so you have to move your head or eyes to the left or right to see image details being projected from there. This may especially be a concern with ultrawide monitors. Curved monitors can help to overcome this because they take into consideration your field of view by projecting light directly to your eyes, allowing you to see everything without having to glance to either side. Thus, curved monitors can be more comfortable to use.


Another plus of using a curved monitor is better immersion when gaming and watching videos.  With a curved display, you get to take in everything and not miss any details that can make you lose a game or hit the rewind button on your multimedia-enabled keyboard.  And if you get an ultrawide curved monitor, you no longer need to buy multiple monitors to achieve the same immersive effect.



How far should I sit from a curved monitor?


It largely depends on the curvature of the monitor. Monitor curvature is measured in terms of the radius (R).  The more aggressive the curve (a small 'R' number), the closer you need to be to see everything and immerse yourself in your movie or game. For the best viewing experience where you get to see every detail, it is best to sit where every area of the curved display is equally distant from you.



Are curved monitors good for content creation?


The best curved monitors for professionals have an ultrawide form factor.  Ultrawide curved monitors like the Samsung CJ89 and the HP Z38C have more than enough screen real estate to help you use all your design tools and multitask efficiently for improved productivity.