From faster speeds and greater bandwidth to better power efficiency, this DDR5 RAM unlocks a whole new level of performance potential for your computer. This hotly anticipated hardware is available through Mwave across a range of leading brands, including ADATA, Corsair, Kingston, G.Skill, and many more. With a wide range of speeds, designs and capacities to choose from, you’ll find the DDR5 memory you need at Mwave.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 267 Products

DDR5 is the latest and greatest evolution of PC main memory and is fast becoming a requirement to build a PC using the latest CPUs and motherboards. This iteration has several core functions – increasing the density and bandwidth of RAM while lowering its power consumption.

As far as desktop RAM goes, DDR5 has quickly become a frontrunner in regards to both capacity and performance. The much-hyped new RAM came to market in tandem with Intel's 12th Gen Core processors and associated Z690-chipset motherboards.

The biggest difference between DDR5 and its predecessors is that each 64-bit rank now contains two corresponding 32-bit channels. Splitting the 64-bit channel in two doesn’t necessarily increase bandwidth, but it does make for smaller transfer blocks for its higher 16 data-cycle burst length. Additionally, ECC support is now available for potentially improved stablity. More impressive upgrades include on-module voltage regulation, a drop to 1.1-volt internal voltage, increased data rates vs DDR4, plus improved latencies.