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Group Deals Terms & Conditions

1. By committing to buy you are making a binding and non-retractable offer to purchase the Group Deal Item at the Group Deal Price. ie. No cancellations.
2. Mwave will approve your order & supply the Group Deal Item on the condition that the minimum number of orders/buyers has been received prior to the expiry of the deal.
3. Should the deal expire prior to receiving the minimum number of required orders/buyers then your order will be cancelled (your credit card will not be charged).
4. Provided that the deal is active and Mwave has received the minimum required order/buyers, we will then charge your credit card and process your order.
5. We accept only Paypal, Credit Card, Zip and Afterpay for All Group Deal orders.
6. Terms & Conditions for Group Deals are subject to change without notice – please refer also to our full Terms & Conditions for transacting with Mwave.

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