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Mwave Systems
Why Mwave? Our mission is to provide high-quality/reliable systems, at competitive prices. Over the years we have become one of the largest online I.T stores in Australia specialising in custom system builds. As a result of our success we now have access and support from some the largest manufacturers in the world. This ensures our customers have the widest-selection of the latest products and post-sales support. Our extensive range and experience meet various requirements from Home PC’s, Gaming PC's, right through to Business, Educational or Government workstations. 

Every single system goes through a quality control process to eliminate warranty returns and ensuring a fully functional system out of the box. 

Require Assistance?
      1.      For any enquiries about our systems, please contact our Technical Support Team at [email protected] or phone 1300 727 446
      2.      For any Pre-configured/Custom system modifications, please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected] or phone 1300 727 446
      3.      For any specific business, government, educational or bulk orders, contact our corporate team at [email protected] or phone 1300 727 446

Build & Dispatch Time: 
      •      All component parts of the system build order must be allocated first to meet target dispatch time
      •      Please refer to each component items' Availability & Dispatch status ie. if it is "In Stock at Mwave" or "In Stock at Supplier"
      •      Please allow 3-5 business days for your system to be dispatched.
      •      Dream PCs, Higher spec builds allow additional time for building & testing - typically an additional 2-3 Business days.
      •      All orders must be paid prior to stock allocation for assembly.

      •      Monitors, Peripherals & Software are not included unless stated.

We offer 3 different options to build your desired PC
      •      Want a ready to build pre-configured PC with the latest technology at a specific price point?
             Simply visit our Mwave Pre-Build Computers and add to cart
      •      Want to custom your PC through a list of compatible parts picked by the experts?
             Simply visit our Mwave Custom Build PCs and select a series that best suits you!
      •      Want to totally customise your own Dream PC?
             Simply visit our Dream PC and follow the 3 easy steps!


Build PC Quality Control
All Mwave Pre-configured/Custom system has to go through our strict quality control process. Each Mwave Pre-configured/Custom system goes through our 100% Point Quality Control System. Therefore this ensures that your system receives all the testing & attention needed for a perfect PC Build.  Having our PC build team testing your computer drastically reduces the risk of defects and compatibility issues, while lowering return rates and DOA products. 

Checklist of services we perform for our system assembly and testing:
      •      Build / assemble your customised PC configuration of Motherboard, PC Case, CPU, Memory, HDD etc...
      •      Update motherboard’s BIOS version. (If needed)
      •      Check motherboard reading of memory capacity.
      •      Check for normal temperature reading in BIOS settings.
      •      Ensure motherboard is correctly reading CPU/processor in BIOS settings.
      •      Run Memory Test, CPU Test, and Hard Drive Test & Video Card Test to scan for errors in manufacturing (Burn-in / Benchmark).
      •      Install and secure motherboard bundle inside PC case.
      •      Install and secure power supply to connect to system.
      •      Complete installation of optical drives in PC case. (If purchased)
      •      Install system drive (HDD/SSD). (If purchased)
      •      Install system video cards (If purchased)
      •      Tie off all wiring to aid with ventilation and spacing.
      •      Install Base Operating System (OS) - Pre-load your hard drive with base level install of the OS. (If purchased)
      •      Install all the necessary drivers required for your PC.
      •      Check your system for errors, bugs, and physical defects (CPU, graphics, and memory will be stressed looking for errors).
      •      If an incorrect item is purchased that will not work in the system, you will be notified to solve the issue with either replacing the item or removing it from the order.
      •      Test optical drive(s) for reading and writing capabilities.
      •      Final inspection of fully assembled PC.
      •      Safely pack your system neatly, if needed we will include padding INSIDE the system to prevent damage during transit.
      •      Send out system fully assembled; ready to plug in and put to use.


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