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Warranty Claims

Before any warranty claim, customers are requested to make sure the product is:

• Not affected by being used in an abnormal way. Such a use may be noted in the warranty as rendering it void, or it may be a use that you wouldn't reasonably expect the product to perform.
• Not disposed of, lost or destroyed. In other words, there needs to be proof that the product has failed.
• Not reduced in value by delay on the customer's part. Customers should bring faults to our attention soon after they occur.

Mwave is not a manufacturer or authorized service centre, it's recommended that you contact the manufacturer's technical support for any troubleshooting or tech support before you send the product back to us for warranty claim, most of these support services are provided free of charge and would generally provide you with a manufacturer tech support case number which may be required and will speed up the warranty process should you need to return the product back to Mwave.

Mwave reserves the right to apply a service fee for any warranty claim to cover all our costs if the returned product is not covered by warranty, due to no fault found or has been physically damaged, or no proof of purchase is provided.

Mwave is more than happy to help our customers with the warranty procedures for manufacturers. Some manufacturers provide onsite or pickup and delivery services, such as the warranty services for notebooks and LCD monitors. Customers are recommended to contact the manufacturers' technical support directly for fast turnaround. Due to Privacy Policies, at times Mwave may not be able to lodge a warranty claim on the customer's behalf.
Mwave provides an online RA (return authorization) Service for all the warranty and return claims.

• The RA procedure may vary from different manufacturers or suppliers, so we are unable to provide an accurate assessment of how long this procedure will take for a particular faulty product
• Log into your online user account
• Fill the online RA request form. (SKU number can be found on your invoice number).
• Provide a detailed fault description or reason for return. ("product faulty" or "don't work" is not a good fault description for a warranty claim).
• Once the RA request is approved, you will receive a return authorization number, which is the reference number to return it to us and track progress.
• You will receive an email notice every time your online job is updated.
• You can view your RA Status by clicking Job/RA Inbox in My Accounts page.
• You can contact us through the online job / ticket if you want to get any status updates of your return.

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