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How can I change an order?

You may request a modification of your order, provided your order has not already been Approved and in the "Processing" status. Please use the Enquiry system under My Account --> My Orders to see the status of your order and whether you are able to request modification of your order.
Note that all modifications are processed at the discretion of Mwave staff - this is not an automated process.After modification, any additional payment will be required immediately so new items can be ordered and allocated to you. You will be contacted by our team with additional payment details depending on the payment method selected.

Note also that the modification system is not provided for "change of mind" - Mwave reserves the right to refuse any requested change, and to cancel/refund an order where significant changes are requested immediately after the order is placed. The customer is welcome to place a new order themselves after this is done. Mwave staff must give priority to modifications related to the replacement of delayed/backordered components in order to get these orders moving as quickly as possible.

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