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Showing 1 - 40 of 116 Products


Mwave can help you buy HDDs for your server and/or workstation. Server HDDs are tested for reliability and generally have longer warranties than their standard counterparts. Due to the improved reliability and increased longevity, server and workstation HDDs also cost more than their standard counterparts. Mwave offers workstation and server HDDs from leading brands such as Western Digital (WD), Seagate, Hitachi (HGST), HP Enterprise (HPE) and Lenovo. Server/workstation HDDs can also be used in datacenters where reliable HDDs are needed. Mwave stocks both SATA and SAS HDDs.

Can I use server/workstation HDDs in my desktop?

Yes, though SAS drives are not compatible with consumer hardware. Server/workstation HDDs are considerably more expensive than their standard counterparts and thus are not recommended for desktop use.