3.5" Desktop HDDs (SATA)

Upgrade your PC's storage with Mwave's range of 3.5" Desktop HDDs (SATA). Our collection from leading brands offers substantial storage capacity, reliable performance, and excellent value. Whether you're a gamer needing space for your vast game library, a content creator storing large files, or a casual user looking for a storage upgrade, our SATA hard drives have you covered. Shop now at Mwave for your desktop storage needs and experience seamless data management and accessibility.

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Showing 1 - 0 of 0 Products

Mwave can help you buy Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) for your PC which are typically cheaper per GB than SSDs. 3.5” form factor HDDs use the SATA interface (SATA III) and are typically designed for use in desktop PCs, Network Attached Storage (NAS boxes) and external powered HDDs enclosures. Mwave stocks HDDs from brands such as Western Digital (WD), Seagate and Toshiba.


What size do I need?

This depends on your usage scenario. If you plan to use your computer for only basic tasks that don’t require much storage space such as office use or browsing YouTube/Netflix, a 1TB HDD such as a WD Blue 1TB will suit you fine. If you require lots of storage space - such as for a NAS - then you will need HDDs such a Seagate 6TB Ironwolf NAS. Mwave stocks HDDs ranging from 1TB to 10TB.


Does RPM/speed matter?

Usually yes. If you plan to use HDDs in an archive or NAS box then speeds of 5400rpm or 5900rpm are just fine - these are also more power efficient. If you plan to use your HDDs for programs where you may be frequently reading from or writing to the HDD, a 7200rpm HDD will provide extra performance. A WD Black 6TB provides lots of storage space along with high-performance.