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How to choose media players/streamers?

When choosing your media streamers, there are several things you must consider before making a final decision. One particular aspect of the streamers you should pay special attention to whether it is streaming online services or downloaded media libraries. If your main interest is connecting to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, and other video services, or to play music from Rhapsody, MOG, or Spotify, look for a media streamer with the online services that interest you. Some manufacturers call online streaming services "online streaming partners", "apps" or "channels".  While there will be a list of the streamer's packaging, firmware updates often add new services. Be sure to check the manufacturer's website if you don't see the service you want.

Other factors to compare across digital streamers include storing media on your media players, compatibility with your saved files' formats, standalone or built-in players, ease of use and customization features.

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