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How to choose the best camera?

When choosing your camera, there are several things you must consider before making a final decision. Action cameras were designed for just about any sport and can be mounted to any surface, ranging from steering wheels to kayak cockpits and tips of skis to tops of handlebars. Like helmet cams, these are designed to stabilise video footage so you can record a smooth picture of whatever activity you like. But the makers of these products didn’t stop at durability. Most of these action cameras offer professional-grade video quality that can be edited and mixed once you’re off the river, mountain, or trails.

Secondly, when choosing a sports video camera, it’s important to check out the tech specs. This includes the camera’s digital storage space or how many pictures and videos it can hold. For example, the GoPro Hero 3 supports up to 64 GB of memory, which gives you the freedom to choose shorter, high-resolution video; hundreds of pictures; or longer videos at standard resolution. For the best-quality picture and video, you’ll want a camera with high resolution and several frame-rate options. The best cameras give you many high-definition options, such as recording in 4K 30fps, 1080p-60, 720p-120, and other video modes. Many action cameras also offer inversion recording, variable wide-angle options and more.

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