Intel Server CPU

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Showing 1 - 40 of 54 Products

Mwave can provide you with a performance boost to your workstation or server with Intel’s Xeon CPU range. We offer Xeons from the entry level E3 & Bronze to the more powerful E5, Silver, Gold and Platinum processors. Intel’s older E3 CPUs require socket LGA1151, E5 needing LGA2011-3 and newer Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum CPUs all require socket LGA3647.


Why do I need a server CPU?

Server CPUs are typically more reliable than consumer CPUs and can offer high core counts for improved multitasking. Mwave offers a range of Intel Xeon CPUs designed to cope with server and workstation environments. Xeon CPUs also support higher memory capacities and ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory for better stability. Intel Xeon CPUs are available in a variety of models ranging from the E3 all the way up to the scalable Xeon Platinum. They all require specific sockets and motherboards to work properly - some Xeon CPUs may work on consumer level motherboards too.


I just want something for my home server

Intel Xeon E3 processors are designed primarily for use in small business/home servers and entry-level workstations. They too are available with integrated graphics such as the Xeon E3-1225 v6. Xeon E3 processors typically utilize the LGA1151 socket.


Intel Xeon E5 processors are designed for use in environments where the performance of an E3 may not suffice. Xeon E5 processors utilize the LGA2011-3 socket.


Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum lines) are replacing the E3, E5 and E7 processors and are all able to be used on multi-socket motherboards - a feature absent from Xeon E3 CPUs. Xeon Bronze replaces the E3 and thus is most ideal for small business/home servers. All Xeon Scalable processors utilize the LGA3647 socket.