Is Your System VR-Ready?

With the rise in popularity of gaming and virtual reality, we have created capable, VR-Ready systems equipped to power your ultimate VR gaming experience. With outstanding performance available with customisable options, pick and choose your Mwave high-performance VR-Ready system!

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VR-Ready Gaming & Workstation PCs

Don't want to fiddle with building your own VR-capable PC? We've got you covered!

VR Headsets

The premiere VR Headset is the HTC Vive. It has quickly become the industry standard for what a great VR experience should be. From motion sensing controllers, to spatial recognition room setup, the HTC Vive gives you the best and most immersive new way to play.

GeForce RTX Series

GeForce RTX is the ultimate graphics platform for VR. Enter a new world of immersive gaming with blazing-fast performance, plug-and-play compatibility, and industry-leading NVIDIA VRWorks technology that only high-end cards can provide.

VR-Ready Laptops

VR is not limited to desktop PCs with certain laptops also incorporating GeForce Graphics. Many gaming laptops have VR-Ready RTX 2060 or better graphics cards.

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