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Mwave Custom Gaming PCs: The Best in the Business

7 December 2023

Mwave Custom Gaming PCs: The Best in the Business


In the fast-evolving realm of gaming, where performance and immersive experiences reign supreme, the demand for tailor-made solutions has never been more important. At Mwave, we stand at the forefront of this revolution, offering enthusiasts and gamers alike an unparalleled gateway into the realm of pre-built gaming PCs and custom PCs



Pre-Built Gaming PC (Ready To Go)

Custom PC



  • Convenience: Ready to use, ideal for beginners.
  • Warranty and Support: Comes with system-wide warranty.
  • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable at entry-level.
  • Compatibility: Guaranteed component compatibility.
  • Professional Design: Sleek, well-managed aesthetics.
  • Full Customisation: Complete control over components.
  • Better Value: Potential for more cost-effective builds.
  • Easy Upgrades: Designed for future enhancements.
  • Optimised Performance: Balanced component synergy.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Rewarding DIY experience.


  • Limited Customisation: Fewer options for personalisation.
  • Higher High-End Cost: Can be pricier for advanced specs.
  • Upgradability Issues: Future upgrades can be challenging.


  • Time Investment: Building process can be lengthy.
  • Warranty Complexity: Separate warranties for each part.
  • Compatibility Risks: Potential for part incompatibility.
  • Higher Initial Cost: Upfront expenses can be greater.


Our commitment to excellence isn't just about assembling components — it's a meticulous craft that integrates top-tier hardware, innovative engineering and a profound understanding of gamers' needs. In this guide, we delve into the world of our custom gaming PCs, uncovering the technology, expertise and dedication that go into curating these formidable machines. 

Gamer-Quality Custom PCs in Australia

Everyone is going to tell you that they’re the best in the business — but at Mwave, we have the facts (and the winning recipe) to back it up. Here are the three areas where our custom gaming PCs shine the most:


Our pre-built gaming PCs are made by gamers, for gamers. The folks creating these machines have the technical skills to build computers optimised for gaming across all areas — from the CPU to the cooling system.  

Gaming expertise

You wouldn’t want someone who’s never driven a car designing your dream vehicle — why should your PC be any different? Our team is genuinely passionate about all things gaming, so they understand what goes into making the perfect computer for the job. 


From top to bottom, we use only the best components for our custom gaming PCs. Unlike some competitors who use cheaper parts as filler, we understand that every piece of your gaming PC should be fit for purpose. 


The experience of buying your dream PC is not just about the hardware; customer service and support are areas where we consistently receive accolades because we understand that this process is a big deal. 

Only the Best Core Elements

When building your custom gaming PC through Mwave, you get total control over all the core components of your machine. We offer the highest-performing tech from the most trusted brands across these key PC components:


  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • Video card
  • Power supply
  • Primary and secondary storage
  • Cooling
  • Case
  • Software 


All of our pre-built custom gaming PCs are crafted with our own ideal versions of these components. If you have a more specific vision or want more control, the DIY option allows you to customise each component of the build to your liking. Either way, you end up with a machine built with gaming as the core focus. 

The Heart of Performance

At the core of Mwave's appeal is our commitment to high performance. We only offer the best processors and top-of-the-line graphics cards, ensuring your new rig won’t just meet but exceed the demands of modern gaming. Our customers get to enjoy exceptionally smooth gameplay and efficient multitasking capabilities, supported by benchmark tests that showcase their prowess in GPU-intensive tasks.

By Gamers, For Gamers

Need some help or guidance sorting out your dream gaming rig? Mwave is here to help. Whether you’re tossing up between one of our pre-built gaming PCs or want advice on which graphics card to use in your custom build, our team is here to assist. With so many avid gamers working at Mwave within both technical builds and customer service, you’ll always be connected with someone who’s as serious as you are about gaming. You won’t find this level of personal and practical expertise with other retailers!

Trust the Gaming PC Experts

Mwave stands tall as Australia's premier online tech retailer, consistently delivering top-notch custom gaming PCs tailored to meet the diverse needs of passionate gamers. With an unwavering commitment to quality, extensive expertise in cutting-edge technology and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, we are proud to be the number one online destination for gaming enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.

Experience the pinnacle of gaming excellence with Mwave, where passion meets expertise and innovation knows no bounds. Looking to take the next step and level up your gaming performance? Browse our range of high-performance custom gaming PCs, get started on creating your own DIY gaming PC or reach out to our friendly team for more tailored advice. 


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