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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen releases sequel Swing Copters

22 August 2014


It took me over a week to get the hang of Flappy Bird and it’ll definitely take me longer with swing copters. Dong Nguyen, infamous for being the creator of addictive game Flappy Bird has released a sequel called Swing Copters.


Instead of trying to keep the bird a flight, as was the purpose of Flappy Bird. The purpose of Swing Copters is to try to and stop the character from swinging out of control whilst dodging swinging obstacles.


The game which has been released on Android and iOS, has only been released for a day and has already over 10,000 and counting reviews on the android market. Many people have already posted mixed reviews with some loving it and others frustrated that it’s almost impossible to play!


Whether this is the next hit addictive sensation only time will tell!


You can download the game - Android / iOS.





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