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DeepCool's CES 2024 Showcase: Unveiling the Future of PC Innovation

12 January 2024

DeepCool's CES 2024 Showcase: Unveiling the Future of PC Innovation

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always an exciting event for tech enthusiasts, and DeepCool made waves at CES 2024 with a stellar lineup of innovative and cutting-edge products. The exhibition was held at the San Polo room of the Venetian Convention Hall, and they impressed affiliates, media partners, and even exclusive guests with their highly anticipated upcoming products.

With that said, here are some of the DeepCool products that stole the spotlight at CES 2024.

MYSTIQUE 240/360 and 420 Plus

The MYSTIQUE, along with the MYSTIQUE PLUS, now has two additional versions with 2.8" and 3.4" IPS display screens. Users can now customise their AIOs by uploading personalised colour logos, animated GIFs, and videos, or switching to PC mode. These AIOs are outfitted with high-performance FT series fans, ensuring superior cooling performance. With a more powerful pump design and premium alloy anode shell, you really can’t go wrong with DeepCool.

CH160 and CH160 DIGITAL

With their small size and handy handle for portability, the CH160 MITX cases enable a maximum CPU cooler height of 172 mm, which simplifies the installation of air cooler towers for optimal cooling effectiveness. One special version, the CH160 Digital, adds a digital status display screen at the bottom of the chassis and a vertical orientation. Truly ultimate in mobility and style.

CH360 Series

The CH360 series cases are based on the successful design of the larger CH560 but in a smaller M-ATX form factor. It has an enhanced airflow magnetic hybrid mesh/glass side panel and two 140mm ARGB fans, resulting in maximum airflow and optimal heat dissipation. The CH360 is also available in a digital version, which features a dual real-time digital display that keeps you informed of the vitals of your CPU and GPU at a glance.

FT12 and FT14

Meticulously designed for high-performance, low-noise cooling solutions, the FT12 and FT14 provide impressive specifications with excellent durability. Along with true high-grade fluid dynamic bearings, it has powerful 3-phase, 10-pole, 12-slot FOC close-loop control motors with MQ magnets. They also last up to 80,000 operating hours, which lives up to DeepCool's standards.


FT9 and FT12 Slim

The DeepCool FT9 SLIM and FT12 SLIM are high-performance thin-profile PWM fans that provide excellent cooling power while remaining silent. They are aerodynamically designed to balance performance and low noise levels. They also have visible FDB-bearing windows with subtle light-emitting LEDs and rubber vibration-dampening corners. The FT9 and FT12 Slim are excellent choices for CPU and radiator applications where space is limited.

PX1300P Digital

Expanding upon the PX-P series, the PTX1300P DIGITAL PSU offers an optional accessory screen for monitoring critical power information. To report crucial power data, the accessory screen and power supply synchronise with specialised software. It also features native power ports and cables for PCI-e 5.0 and ATX 3.0.


The ASSASSIN 4S CPU cooler is expertly designed to handle heat with finesse. This cooler keeps your CPU cool even during resource-intensive tasks thanks to a highly efficient 3-phase, six-motor 140mm fan and a 7-heat pipe air cooling system. With the ASSASSIN 4S, you can say goodbye to overheating and hello to continuous peak performance.


Powered by CTT 2.0, DeepCool’s direct-touch heatpipe coldplate, the AK400 DIGITAL PRO and AK620 DIGITAL PRO represent DeepCool's commitment to precision cooling for enthusiasts. With advanced features such as a digital temperature display, customizable RGB lighting, and optimised airflow, these CPU coolers are engineered to keep your processor running at its best.


DeepCool's CES 2024 lineup is nothing short of impressive, demonstrating the brand's commitment to innovation and performance. DeepCool has you covered if you're looking for a stylish PC chassis, efficient liquid cooling, compact cases, or powerful cooling solutions. Keep an eye out for these exciting products, which will make a big impact in the world of PC hardware.

Want to learn more? Check out KitGuru Tech's blog and video to see how DeepCool's tech lineup performs. 

But if you're already convinced of their quality and dependability, DeepCool products are readily available from Mwave, Australia's largest online tech retailer.


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