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How to Choose the Best UPS

10 September 2020

WHAT IS A UPS? An Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS, is fundamentally a device that provides a battery backup in the case of an unexpected power loss, allowing you to safely shut down your PC or ...

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Benefits of 10th Gen Intel Core Processors

27 August 2020

Intel’s 10th Generation Core CPUs offer all sorts of upgrade benefits, no matter what kinds of tasks you perform. They offer more threads, higher clocks, improved power efficiency and amazing gaming p ...

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MWAVE Mobile App is now available on Android

17 August 2020

MWAVE Mobile App is now available on Android The new MWAVE Android App allows for easier mobile shopping anywhere. Sydney, Australia – MWAVE.COM.AU, Australia's largest online tech retailer has  ...

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HyperX Mechanical Keyboard Buying Guide

14 August 2020

With everyone working from home more than ever, there’s never been a time to look after your fingers. Chances are you’re typing every day, so if you’re giving your fingers a constant workout, then the ...

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How to Overclock RAM using Crucial Ballistix

3 August 2020

Memory. Every PC needs it. Now that DDR4 memory has been around for a few years, it’s stabilised in price and performance continues to improve. Once DDR4-4000 was a pipe dream but now it’s become almo ...

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Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitors

20 July 2020

Last Updated Aug 03, 2020 The newly released Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitors combine industry leading features for an even more immersive gaming experience. The Samsung Odyssey G7 and G9 monitors f ...

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Why Choose Nanoleaf Light Panels

14 July 2020

Every PC user knows what RGB lighting is. Tastefully done, it can really add an extra dimension to your rig. Nanoleaf light panels go far beyond the PC though. You can add Nanoleaf panels to any wall  ...

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Deepcool Castle and Gammaxx CPU Liquid Coolers

29 June 2020

COOL TEMPERATURES, COOL LOOKS AND COOL PRICES If you’re thinking of upgrading to the latest Intel 10th generation processors, or AMD’s Ryzen 3000 Series processors, then you’ll need appropriate and ...

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Intel NUC Mini PC Showcase

26 June 2020

What is a NUC Mini PC? Tiny size with performance tailored to your task Is your idea of a stereotypical PC tower? Perhaps with an empty optical drive bay or two at the front, empty HDD bays or even ...

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Range

23 June 2020

If you’ve been on the lookout for a quality gaming headset in recent times, then no doubt you’d have come across the HyperX Stinger range. Kingston’s HyperX Gaming brand has earned itself a reputation ...

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