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Power Maintenance

11 December 2014

A quick rundown on power maintenance for your electronic device Weather has been quite unstable with storms brewing in Sydney of late. An important issue many of us are aware of but always neglect  ...

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New After Hours Delivery Service Available For Sydney Local Customers

10 December 2014

New After Hours Delivery Service Available For Sydney Local Customers At Mwave we understand the importance of quality service and we pride ourselves in giving our customers a first class experienc ...

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Christmas Service Hours 2014 - 2015

10 December 2014

Were you planning on making a purchase over the Christmas period? Don’t worry, you can still place orders through our website and we will process your order the next business day we are open. NOTE: ...

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How to Fix a Usb Flash Device

8 December 2014

How to: Format USB Flash Drive not showing up on the computer Im sure many of us own a USB Flash drive that doesn’t show up in the “computer” folder. It can be caused from many issues and this guid ...

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PC Mod - Strix Menace by ReaperVon

1 December 2014

PC MOD - STRIX MENANCE ReaperVon made a PC mod for the Strix gaming tour. ReaperVon is a Filipino Modder currently located in Japan. He titled this PC Mod “Strix Menace”. Source: Click Here  If ...

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A Basic Gaming Machine For Under $600

21 November 2014

A Basic Gaming Machine For Under $600 Christmas is around the corner and you have been wondering what you could get. Either for yourself, or a gift for someone. A small gaming machine which would b ...

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PAX AUS 2014 Wrapped!

13 November 2014

PAX AUS 2014 Wrapped! Mwave comes to a wrap from PAX Australia 2014 hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mwave would like to thank everyone who visted our booth at PAX Australi ...

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Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void announced!

11 November 2014

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced! Are you a real-time strategy game fan? Blizzard entertainment has just released information on the third installment of the epic Starcraft II trilogy. St ...

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All You Need To Know About Mechanical Keyboards

3 September 2014

Keyboards originally used individual mechanical switches underneath every key, but as time went on and technology continued to advance cheaper methods of making keyboards came about and with that, key ...

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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen releases sequel Swing Copters

22 August 2014

It took me over a week to get the hang of Flappy Bird and it’ll definitely take me longer with swing copters. Dong Nguyen, infamous for being the creator of addictive game Flappy Bird has released a s ...

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