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All You Need To Know About Mechanical Keyboards

3 September 2014


Keyboards originally used individual mechanical switches underneath every key, but as time went on and technology continued to advance cheaper methods of making keyboards came about and with that, keyboards started to be manufactured by a single “monoblock” instead of individual switches.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a mechanical keyboard:

Mechanical keyboards can generally reduce typos and won’t have you second guessing whether or not you pressed the keys. Dependant on the type of switches you choose to get for your keyboard, will determine the feel and responsiveness of the keyboard. Perfect feeling for gamers to re-live the type of feel they were introduced to when starting out with games and computer familiarity.

They might as well give most mechanical keyboards a lifetime warranty because most mechanical keyboards are built to sustain heavy usage and are extremely durable. Each key is also removable so that you can easily clean and maintain your keyboard in tip top condition.

It’s the next logical step for every enthusiast, to get a mechanical keyboard. Reminisce on the days where we used the old IBM keyboards. Show off to our friends and use it as a signal to everyone in your house to leave you alone when they hear you gaming.


Your Switches:



Black Switches

Each switch registers their press in the middle while the “release” point (known as when the key starts to come back up) is at the bottom. The “actuation point” (where the press is registered) is further up.

Cherry MX Black switches are differentiated by their smooth, linear press from the moment you press it until you release it. They don't have a tactile bump that lets you feel that it has register your press until you have reached the bottom. You generally don't get a tactile “bump” on the MX Black switches because they are mainly incorporated into mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers, making double-tapping keys easy with no confusion of key registration. This keyboards downfall is that because general typing can be very tiresome compared to other switches.


Keyboards with Cherry MX Black Switches:



Red Switches

The Cherry MX Red switches are similiar to the MX Black in many ways as both are linear swithces. Unlike the MX black, the MX Red has far less force required to reach the actuation point. They are much more popular with people who use the keyboard for both work and play and are incorporated into a number of gaming keyboards as well.


Keyboards with Cherry MX Red Switches:



Brown Switches

A more desired keyboard for those who use it for work and play are the Cherry MX Brown switches. The tactile bump is alot softer and closer to the middle of the key which means you dont have to press the key all the way for it the register, allowing you to type with less strength and faster.


Keyboards with Cherry MX Brown Switches:



Blue Switches

The Cherry MX Blue switches are general sought out by typist enthusiast. They are generally not that popular with some gamers but most love them because of the clicky sound they make. You can hear a tactile “click” when the actuation point is hit. Not recommended for twitch typing or double tapping because the release point is above the actuation point but for those who have never used a mechanical keyboard they won’t really notice the difference.


Keyboards with Cherry MX Blue Switches:



Green Switches

You may need more force to push down but the Cherry MX Green are just as good as the Cherry MX Blue. Consider the tougher version of the Cherry MX Blue the Cherry MX Green were designed to emulate a sturdier more solid version of the mechanical keyboard. These switches only hit the market in 2012 but feature not only a tactile bump but an clicking sound at the actuation point, giving you both sounds with every push. A key differentiator between the blue and green are the release and acutation point are in the same place where the blue have it in 2 different place.



Clear Switches

Cherry MX Clear is one of the hardest keys to find. Each Cherry MX Clear has a high actuation force which means you have to press the keys harder than the others for it to register. The Cherry MX Clear are more sturdier than the MX Brown and build very similarly. Heavy typist find this keyboard very enjoyable as they offer a very tactile response when pressed.


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