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Deepcool Castle EX ARGB AIO Showcase

25 July 2021



The best performing CPUs in 2021 need some serious cooling to tame them, not just for reliability and longevity reasons. Processors that get too hot under load can throttle, lead to a loss of performance. If you’re running an Intel 11th Generation processor or a high core-count AMD CPU, a Deepcool Castle EX A-RGB will keep your processor at its highest turbo clocks for longer, giving you better performance.


Only a few air coolers are capable of keeping them cool and air-cooling can be considered inadequate if you intend to overclock – but of course, compatibility of these can be a struggle due to their sheer size. Water conducts heat more effectively than air which makes it perfect for wicking heat away from the CPU and away to a radiator with its large surface area, then ejecting outside the case (if installing the fans as exhaust).


Established in 1996, Deepcool know all about the need for high-quality cooling. The latest Castle EX coolers from the company incorporate 25 years of know-how into coolers that offer performance and low noise levels without letting go of the great value that Deepcool is known for.



Cool that hot CPU with a Deepcool Castle 360EX A-RGB


CPU running hot? The Deepcool Castle 360 EX A-RGB can help tame it. It’s been designed from the ground up to handle the requirements of today’s processors. It includes a dual-chamber pump with an optimised flow route for the most efficient heat exchange. The built-in motor is built to sit right in the sweet spot of maximum flow rate while never letting go of the goal of low noise levels.


The cold plate is designed to maximise surface area, which leads to a more efficient transfer of heat away from the CPU. And the top of the head unit looks amazing too, with an infinity mirror that can be rotated depending on its orientation.


A modern high-performance cooler has to look good too, and blend into the theme of your build. The three CF120 A-RGB fans feature 12 RGB LEDs which can be controlled via motherboard control software and ARGB headers or by Deepcool’s remote ARGB controller. The Castle 360EX is available in both White and Black finishes.


Deepcool Castle EX ARGB 360mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (White)




Silence your PC with a Deepcool Castle 240EX ARGB


The Deepcool Castle 240EX ARGB is essentially a smaller version of the 360EX ARGB. This means it’s more compatible with a wider variety of cases. A 240mm cooler will perform light years ahead of even the very best bundled coolers, and it will do so in relative silence. If you consider the 360EX to be overkill (not everyone runs overclocked Intel 11th Gen or AMD 16-core processors!) then the 240EX might be just what you’re looking for. Of course, you can still use the 240EX to cool a hot processor, but it may create more noise than is considered acceptable. Nobody likes fans of a substandard cooler ramping up and down unnecessarily.


The 240EX includes the key features of the 360EX, with Anti-leak technology, Deepcool’s engineering know-how and full ARGB support. Like its 360mm big brother, the Castle 240EX is available in both White and Black finishes.



Deepcool Castle EX ARGB 240mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (Black)



Too much RGB? There’s a Deepcool Castle EX for you


Many users will agree that here is such a thing as too much RGB! Deepcool offer Castle EX coolers without RGB fans. There are 360mm and 240mm versions available. The coolers feature all of the key cooling features that are common to the entire Castle range but only the pump unit comes with ARGB functionality. In fact, it can be customised with your own customised logo or branding. 



Peace of mind with Deepcool’s Anti-Leak tech


One of the downsides of water cooling is the rare possibility of leaks. Deepcool has spent years developing its Anti-leak technology. Its purpose is to minimise the possibility of a potentially system killing leak.

Any closed system that undergoes heating and cooling cycles can be prone to unwanted pressure differences. Anti-leak tech is engineered to maintain pressure balance within the system. It utilises an elastic pressure-relief bag that can inflate or deflate according to the pressure within the system. This keeps the system in a healthy state of pressure equilibrium, lowering the chance of a leak occurring. Over years of use, Anti -Leak tech goes a long way to ensuring that your system is protected.



Ditch clunky RGB software


All of that ARGB goodness deserves to be shown off. Of course, you can control the ARGB lighting of Deepcool products with motherboard control software, or you could use Deepcool’s Remote ARGB controller. Some RGB software can be bloated with extra functionality you don’t want or need. The Deepcool ARGB controller is a wireless controller that can control the RGB of an entire system. All you have to do is connect the hidden internal control unit to the ARGB header of your motherboard. ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards are all compatible.


So, if your current cooler spins up like a vacuum cleaner or you’re wanting to unleash the performance of a new high core-count processor, there’s a Deepcool AIO cooler to suit. As always, feel free to discuss your cooling requirements with us. We’re happy to recommend a cooling product to suit your build.




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