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Build your next system with Antec

24 May 2021



Whether you’re looking to build a system from scratch, upgrade that drab case that’s seen better days, or replace an old cooler that’s getting a bit dusty, Antec has a range of products to suit. Are you upgrading a basic internet box? The living room PC? Or do you want an attention-grabbing gaming PC? There are plenty of Antec products to choose from.



Antec cases to suit all kinds of builds


Given that many users never actually use more than one expansion slot (for a GPU), why not consider a Micro-ATX build? It will take up less space, and you’ll lose basically nothing in terms of performance. The Antec Dark Cube RGB Tempered Glass Micro-ATX Case is a high end but compact mATX case packed with features. It will accept a full-size PSU and the largest graphics cards. Add to that a customisable front panel and lovely RGB looks, and you have a compact system that can offer flagship performance.


Antec Dark Cube PC Case


How about a case that will suit a budget system that doesn’t look even remotely budget? The Antec NX410 mid tower comes complete with three ARGB fans, 360mm radiator and USB 3.0 support, along with a tempered glass side panel to show off your components.


Some people want their system to be out of sight and out of mind, while others like to show off their components. Others again treat their systems as works of art. Check out the Antec Striker Tempered Glass Open Frame Mini-ITX Case. If you’re interested in water cooling and modding, this case presents you with unlimited opportunity. If you want to create a unique showcase PC, definitely check it out. Of course, the Striker won’t suit everyone, but that’s ok. Users that have a bit more of a grounded vision for their PC have plenty of Antec cases to choose from.


Antec Striker PC Case


Maybe you’re after a case that can house something bigger? Even E-ATX motherboards? With that in mind the Antec NX800 still conforms to a mid-tower form factor yet it can handle the largest components, and it has dual 200mm fans at the front for awesome case airflow. If liquid cooling is more your jam, it can accept up to a 360mm radiator. Antec NX800 also comes with front-panel USB 3.0 connectivity plus plenty of space for storage.


We’ve talked about Antec’s FLUX cooling in the past. In short, FLUX cases feature five case fans as standard in order to provide maximum airflow to all the components in your system. The DP502 is available in both white and black. Both are affordable options for users looking to cool even the hottest of components.


Last but by no means least, there’s the Antec P120 series of cases. These cases are built to show off your system in all its glory. With their tempered glass side and front panels, your RGB components will easily be seen. P120 cases feature awesome cooling capacity, with the possibility of accepting dual 360mm radiators or up to seven 120mm fans. Throw in a Core i9-11900K and RTX 3080 and you won’t have any problems with airflow!


Antec P120 PC Case



Antec do more than just cases


Antec offer far more than just cases. If you’re building a new system, you’ll always need cooling, particularly if you’re planning an Intel 11th Generation build. The Antec Neptune 240 ARGB liquid cooler will handle anything you throw at it. In addition to its cooling capabilities, it features a classy modern design and it places the pump adjacent to the radiator instead of the CPU the block, which reduces vibrations around the CPU and motherboard VRM area.


Need some fans? The Antec Prizm ARGB 120mm fans look gorgeous and feature a dual-sided ring design that lets you show off RGB effects on both sides of the fan. You can grab a 5-pack complete with their dedicated controller, or you can sync the effects with leading motherboard manufacturers’ control software. But great looks are only part of it. The Prizm fans are built for silent operation thanks to PWM control, hydraulic bearings, and vibration-absorbing pads at each corner.


Did you know that Antec makes RAM? The Antec Katana RGB 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz kit sits in the performance sweet spot, where you get excellent performance with AMD in 1:1 memory mode and Intel with its 11th Gen Gear 1 mode. It’s some of the most elegant RAM you’ll see, with or without RGB light effects and its subtle CNC machined metallic finish. It’s XMP 2.0 ready and is the winner of an iF design award.


Antec Katana DDR4 RAM


Antec makes power supplies to suit a wide range of builds. The affordable VP500P will suit a budget PC, while the High Current Gamer Extreme is perfect for a high-end overclocked gaming build.



As always, if you have any questions about any of Antec’s products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re here to help you with any queries you may have.



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