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Deepcool Coolers - For Intel 11th Gen CPUs

30 April 2021



If you’re thinking about upgrading to a system with an Intel 11th Generation CPU, you’ll need a quality cooler to get the best out of it. Deepcool offer a range of coolers to suit everything from an overclocked gaming monster to small form factor silent lounge room media centre.


Intel’s 11th Gen processors offer great performance, but there’s no denying that they get a bit hot under the collar. Keeping your CPU cool isn’t just desirable for longevity and quiet running though. A cooler running CPU can directly impact performance. When your CPU has the available power and thermal headroom, the CPU will effectively overclock itself. This makes cooling far more than an afterthought. So, with a Deepcool cooler, you’re getting a cool running system that will be quieter and perhaps even perform better, with the added bonus of looking good while doing it!



Intel 11th Gen CPUs can run warm


Let’s talk a little about the heat and power consumption characteristics of 11th Gen Intel CPUs. The data measuring these characteristics in reviews mostly comes from benchmarks that make use of the AVX instruction sets, particularly AVX-512. The numbers you’ll see are usually peak readings, which demonstrate a worst-case scenario. AVX instructions are very demanding and are not commonly implemented in consumer software. It’s unlikely you’ll see those kinds of peak levels during day-to-day use, such as while gaming. The higher-end Deepcool coolers will tame an AVX-512 load, but if you want to be sure that your system is running genuinely cool at all times, you could consider an AVX offset, or even disable it completely with no loss of real-world performance. For example, if your CPU boosts to 4.8GHz at default, when an offset is used, it will downclock the CPU to, say, 4.3GHz when an AVX load is detected. This gives you maximum performance, without ever needing to worry about dealing with temperature spikes that may occur under an AVX-512 load.


Having said all that, a lot of the talk about the power consumption and heat generation characteristics of Intel 11th Gen CPUs comes from the first wave reviews of the top tier Intel Core i9-11900K. While we all like to have the highest spec gear, in truth the i9 CPUs only find their way into a relatively small percentage of systems. It’s the likes of the i3, i5 or i7 that people buy in much higher quantities. They’re not the nuclear reactors that many reviews might lead you to believe.



Meet the Deepcool Assassin III


Whatever CPU you use, the Deepcool Assassin III will handle it. When it comes to dissipating heat, you need a lot of surface area, and the Assassin III has loads of it. Surface area is just a part of what makes the Assassin III a top-shelf cooler though. Its heatpipes, baseplate and dual fans all combine to make the Assassin III one of the very best air coolers on the market.


It all begins with the baseplate. A good cooler needs to maximise the transfer heat from the CPU heatspreader to the cooler. When it comes to conductivity, copper is more efficient than aluminium which makes it a natural choice as the baseplate for the Assassin III. It’s machined to a very tight tolerance of just 0.1mm, which means for a smoother baseplate which increases the contact area with the CPU HIS (when compared to a rough, uneven baseplate). Heat from the baseplate is then carried to the fins by no less than seven heatpipes. These pipes use sinter technology which increases the internal surface area, which can assist in improving heat transfer.



The heat is then dissipated through the fins assisted by 2x 140mm fans. The specially designed dual-layer fan blades are designed for high static pressure while never letting go of the goal of low noise levels. And though you might think the Assassin III is very large (It is!) it is designed to ensure compatibility with tall RAM modules (up to 54mm RAM Modules can fit under the heatsink). They will also benefit from the Assassin III’s airflow.


The Assassin III is designed for use with CPUs up to 280W TDP, which means even a hot running AVX load of an 11900K won’t be a problem. It’s also got Socket 2066 and AM4 compatibility, so you can run the latest AMD Ryzen CPU with ease and even the likes of an 18 core Intel Core i9-10980XE. And the Assassin III offers awesome value compared to many brands’ dual tower coolers.



Deepcool Assassin III CPU Cooler



Take a step up with the Deepcool 360EX AIO Liquid Coolers


The Assassin III is a top-spec air cooler, but if you want some of the best cooling available, consider the Deepcool GamerStorm 360EX ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler. Water conducts heat more effectively than air, so even if you’re running an overclocked CPU, the 360EX will handle it. It’s got Deepcool’s anti-leak technology to prevent the possibility of catastrophic leaks and ensure peace of mind.  And just look at those fans! The MF120 fans look amazing and are addressable so you can tailor the colours to suit your system. Add a three-phase motor for high flow rate and a high-density cold plate and you have an efficient AIO designed for the highest heat loads, all while doing it quietly, and looking great at the same time.


Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 360EX ARGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler


Too much RGB may not appeal to all and with that in mind, the 360EX is available in with both in White and Black finishes with non RGB fans. The Deepcool Castle 360EX white and black incorporate many of the same features and technologies as the GamerStorm. They feature a more subtle design to suit a wide variety of system themes, all the time offering awesome cooling capability to suit any Intel 11th Gen CPU.


No matter what you use your system for, whether it’s a high-end overclocked beast or a low power set and forget internet box, Deepcool has a cooling product to suit you.  Feel free to discuss your cooling requirements with us. We’re happy to advise on the best Deepcool products to suit you.



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