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Antec F-Lux Cooling Platform

15 March 2021


Introducing the Antec F-Lux cooling system


Anyone that has built their own PC anytime over the last 20 or more years has likely considered an Antec case. Legendary cases such as the Lanboy, Sonata and P180 all incorporated many of the concepts we see in cases today. These days, keeping your PC cool isn’t just desirable, it directly impacts performance, making your choice of case more important than ever. Antec understands this and to that end, the company has introduced its newest cooling innovations, embodied in its F-Lux design philosophy. Cases equipped with F-Lux, or Flow Luxury cooling are built with the latest high-performance CPUs and GPUs in mind, allowing them to stay cooler and boost higher while never losing sight of the goal of keeping noise levels to a minimum.



The need for quality cooling is more important than ever


All modern CPUs and GPUs have automatic overclocking or boost technology built-in to them. If a chip is cool enough and has enough power budget, it will clock itself higher, providing better performance. This makes cooling not just a function to keep your system within a desirable range for better longevity, but it directly affects performance, and not only by a few percent. Cooling should never be considered an afterthought. 



What is Flux?


Antec Flux cases aim to improve airflow to more than just the CPU. Antec Flux cases come with no less than five fans, as standard! Many cases come installed with just one or two fans, which is adequate, but many times it’s not enough to keep a high-performance gaming system in its optimal temperature operating range. A single rear and front fan will direct air in a more or less straight line from the front to the back, often passing over or through the CPU heatsink. This type of design can often neglect the real heat producer in a modern powerful gaming system: The graphics card. When you have a graphics card like an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 with a 350W TDP, cases need to be designed to not merely cope but also allow your system to perform at its peak. This is what Antec Flux is designed to do. 


With this in mind, Antec Flux cases contain the unique Antec Reverse fan that sits above the PSU chamber, directly facing the GPU intake fans. This fan pulls in cooler air from the bottom PSU chamber and lower side of the case and pushes it directly into the GPU. Additional fans included in many Antec Flux cases also assist in removing the hot air generated by powerful PC components through the rear and top of the case (only rear for P10 FLUX). Just blasting air at components would be easy, yet with Flux cooling, at all times, there is a focus on balance between efficient cooling and low noise. Antec Flux cases aren’t all that expensive either and there are many different styles to choose from.



Airflow Diagram of Antec FLUX Cooling Platform - in Antec DF600 FLUX PC Case (source: Antec)


Antec DP502, DF600, DF700 and P10 FLUX all share the FLUX cooling platform and all share a similar mid-tower form factor. P10 FLUX has a clear aim of remaining as stealthy and silent as possible with a noise-dampened, reversible, front panel door. DF600 and DF700 FLUX feature a more airflow friendly design with added RGB elements for more flair. DP502 FLUX offers a mix of features of P10 & DF600/DF700.



Introducing the P10 Flux


The P10 Flux is the newest entrant in Antec’s Performance case range. It’s one of the few cases on the market that aims to provide top quality airflow while never letting go of the aim for silence. P10 Flux is equipped with three front-mounted fans, plus one at the rear and the all-important fan mounted on the PSU chamber that directs air at the GPU. The P10 Flux is capable of housing even the most elaborate gaming systems, striking a great blend of low noise and high airflow to keep your system performing at its best. There’s even a fan controller built-in, so with a simple press of a button located on the front of the case, you can select either high or low-speed fan modes.


The P10 Flux is far from a one-trick pony, though. It’s got advanced cable management features (with real space behind the motherboard tray!) HDDs and SSDs can be hidden out of sight. There is also dust protection and dampening foam to help keep dust and noise levels to a minimum. Furthermore, its sleek and subtle design will appeal to users who prefer a discrete system look.



Antec P10 FLUX PC Case


The DF600 and DF700 Dark League cases add RGB flair to the mix


Modern gaming systems can be works of art and demand to be shown-off. Antec’s DF600 and DF700 cases incorporate all of the Flux cooling design characteristics, including five fans to keep your gaming system cool and performing at its best at all times. 


Both cases include ARGB front fans and a front mesh panel that provides uninterrupted airflow and huge cooling potential. Thanks to an inbuilt ARGB and PWM fan controller, they can be synced to the rest of your system. You can select your choice of colours and effects or switch it up via the LED control button at the front of the case. The ARGB case fans are one thing, but both cases include a tempered glass side panel, allowing you to show off the components within.


The DF700 and DF600 are packed full of features, big and small. There’s advanced cable management, magnetic air filters and nice little touches like dust protector plugs for unused top panel ports. With these cases, you can proudly show off your gaming system, while keeping it cool thanks to Antec’s Flux cooling system.



Antec DF600 FLUX PC Case


The Antec DP502 Flux - balanced design


The DP502 Flux could be considered a blend of the designs of the P10 and the DF700. The DP502 features ringed ARGB fans for a little bit more of a subtle aesthetic. It incorporates the five fan Flux design philosophy so even the most powerful gaming components can be kept cool and performing at their peak at all times.


Additionally, there’s a white option. The DP502 White doesn’t include RGB fans, but there is a nice splash of LED lighting on the front for a nice sci-fi vibe. It includes a tempered glass side panel and all of the Flux cooling capabilities. That lovely white colour means it can easily blend into a modern gaming room. Both black and white variants feature an integrated fan and ARGB hub for simplified user control.



Antec DP502 FLUX PC Case (White)



Cool and quiet cases that are adaptable to suit your build


It’s always been possible to equip a case with a lot of fans, but they usually don’t come standard and not at price levels just over $100. Airflow is one thing, but targeted and efficient airflow is another. It’s so important to keep modern gaming systems fed with cool air to maintain high-performance. And that’s exactly what Antec’s Flux cases do. But they do more than just cool. They do it quietly too. Plus, Antec’s decades of case design experience shows with loads of build friendly features including thoughtful cable management options, component compatibility and all the little things you’d expect from a top tier case manufacturer like Antec. 


If you have any questions about Antec Flux cases, or any other PC cases, as always, our team is here to help you with any queries you may have.



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