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Why Choose Nanoleaf Light Panels

14 July 2020



Every PC user knows what RGB lighting is. Tastefully done, it can really add an extra dimension to your rig. Nanoleaf light panels go far beyond the PC though. You can add Nanoleaf panels to any wall space in your home or business to create stunning interactive light displays with limitless customisation options. Smart lighting has never been so attractive, customisable and downright fun to use.



Create with Nanoleaf Canvas


The Nanoleaf Canvas begins with modular LED Light Squares that connect to each other to create any combination of shapes. The touch sensitive panels can display any one of 16.7 million colours. You can add up to 30 panels to create everything from simple ambient lighting, your own art, or light to suit any party atmosphere. Mounting is easy, with no need to drill into walls. You can control your display with the Nanoleaf app. Alternatively, popular smart home apps including Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant can all be used to control Nanoleaf panels. You can even set it to sync with music with the Nanoleaf Rhythm module. How about some of these examples?


You can set a time lapse or fade to do something like create an artificial sunrise. Imagine that you’re someone who rises when it’s still dark for a morning shift. Or you could go the other way and subconsciously let the kids know that it’s time to go to bed as the light fades. You could use Nanoleaf panels to recreate your company’s logo. Wouldn’t that look great when your customers or clients walk into your reception!  How about a wall in a child’s nursery? Something to accompany a warm and inviting lounge room with a log fire? Perhaps you like the green colours of nature? There are so many possibilities.



Nanoleaf Canvas


Music Becomes Light with Nanoleaf Rhythm


The Nanoleaf Rhythm module takes smart lighting a step further. It allows you to personalise a light show that reacts to your music just how you like it. No matter what kind of music you’re into, be it high-energy EDM, soothing acoustic ambient or rock anthems, the Nanoleaf Rhythm will enhance your music experience. It works with gaming too, adding an additional layer of immersion. Imagine playing a horror game like Resident Evil and getting attacked out of nowhere. A red flashing would only make you jump higher! Mwave has a full Nanoleaf Rhythm kit available, which contains everything you need to get up and running.



How to install Nanoleaf LED light panels


The Nanoleaf app includes functionality to help you plan your layout before you attach the panels. Once you’ve decided where to place your panels, Nanoleaf provides double-sided sticky tabs mean there’s no need to wreck your walls with drills. The base panel has WiFi functionality so you can connect your phone or voice assistant wirelessly to control your setup. Also, it’s easy to add more panels to your setup.



Nanoleaf Rhythm


Full Control with the Nanoleaf App or a Dedicated Remote


The Nanoleaf app provides full control over your Nanoleaf installation. A desktop version is available for Windows and Mac OS users. It allows you to fully customise all aspects of your installation, or installations if you have more than one. You can save your own profiles or download additional ones from the web. 


One of many different features of the Nanoleaf desktop app is the Screen Mirror mode. With this mode, your Nanoleaf panels will mimic the colours that are currently showing on your display, in real time. It’s a great way to use Nanoleaf lighting to enhance your viewing experience. Nanoleaf also have a dedicated remote control. This is no standard remote though. The Nanoleaf Remote is a dodecahedron Bluetooth device with 12 buttons. These buttons can be customised to select any of your scenes with just one touch.



How to Create Ambience with Nanoleaf LED Light Panels


Smart home lighting is nothing new, but most products still rely on traditional bulbs, which limits you in terms of flexibility. They’re not designed to really make a statement like a Nanoleaf display can. While there are alternatives, Nanoleaf products have several design advantages over some competing products. When it comes to music responsiveness, the custom design of the Rhythm module is without equal, unlike others which rely on your phone mic and its wireless connectivity. You’ll never get the greatest dynamic experience from a system that’s not truly designed for it. Nanoleaf panels are also power thrifty, with each panel using no more than 2W. A Nanoleaf Installation can use up to 30 tiles compared to other limited systems. They’re also lightweight, negating the need for complicated installations.



Amazing Possibilities


Nanoleaf lighting is truly versatile thanks to the unlimited flexibility of customisable layouts and shapes, along with the lighting itself. It can enhance your gaming experience, create a club-like party atmosphere, match your room’s décor, enhance your music experience or simply reflect how your mood is at any given time. How about some green to simulate a natural environment, or some soft blue on a hot day? Don’t forget, it’s lighting too! You can tell your assistant to turn it on, so you don’t trip over during the night! There are so many different ways that Nanoleaf panels can enhance your home. You’ll spend hours testing and playing with the only limit being your imagination.



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