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Boost FPS with Intel Performance Maximizer

4 Febuary 2020



One-click CPU overclocking from Intel


Intel 9th Generation Core and the latest Intel Core X-Series processors are designed to deliver unparalleled computing performance for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. However, as various computing technologies continue to evolve on almost a daily basis, users everywhere are discovering the need for pushing PC performance further. The best way to do this, without buying additional hardware, is through CPU overclocking. Motherboard manufacturers have designed OC profiles preloaded on their motherboards making CPU overclocking a little bit more accessible but often generalise their settings and set aggressive voltage settings to achieve stability. Why rely on motherboard manufacturers to do your CPU overclocking when CPU manufacturer Intel provides a free and robust utility that you can use instead?



What is Intel Performance Maximizer?


Intel Performance Maximizer is a one-click overclocking tool created by Intel for overclocking selected Intel unlocked CPUs on overclocking compatible motherboards safely and reliably. 

At the time of writing, it is compatible with:

Core i5 Core i7 Core i9 X-Series
Intel Core i5-9600K Intel Core i7-9700K Intel Core i9-9900KS Intel Core i9-10980XE
Intel Core i5-9600KF Intel Core i7-9700KF Intel Core i9-9900K Intel Core i9-10940X
    Intel Core i9-9900KF Intel Core i9-10920X
      Intel Core i9-10900X


Intel Performance Maximizer can be downloaded on Intel's official site.


How does Intel Performance Maximizer Work?


When you run the utility for the first time, you will be prompted to agree to a legal disclaimer that product warranties may not apply if you enable the application and your system performs sub-optimally, or your machine’s components get damaged. Once you agree with the disclaimer, the one-click overclocking software then creates a 16GB partition on your hard drive, where it will store the data it needs to run the overclocking software. This process will take some time, depending on your system’s performance.


After creating the partition, Intel Performance Maximizer will then slowly adjust your CPU’s frequency and voltage to detect its maximum potential. By gradually and conservatively increasing voltage and actively monitoring your CPU’s thermal limits, the tool ensures that your processor does not get damaged by too much voltage or by overheating. Your desktop PC will reboot automatically now and then during this process. The detection and rebooting cycle may take a few hours to complete, and you will not be able to use your computer until the CPU optimisation process finishes. Once Intel’s overclocking software has finished, you should have a faster PC that has been intelligently configured to maximise its performance.



What if the CPU gets damaged?


Although Intel Performance Optimizer is specially engineered to manage CPU thermal and voltage limits, with overclocking things can go wrong; you could wind up with a damaged processor. Before running the utility, and if your compatible 9th Gen Intel Core or X-Series CPU is still under warranty, you can purchase a protection plan which entitles you to get a replacement processor when things go south after auto-overclocking with Intel Performance Optimizer. With Intel’s Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP), you will have peace of mind when using the one-click overclocking application. You can purchase PPTP here: Purchase Intel PPTP





If you are an expert overclocker and are accustomed to tweaking your system’s performance manually and stress testing your hardware, you might have little use for the program provided you have the time, patience and drive to get every last MHz. However, if you are new to overclocking and not familiar with BIOS settings, or perhaps you are extremely busy and have no extra time available for fine-tuning your CPU's performance and running hardware stress tests, then Intel Performance Maximizer is for you.


Therefore if you are a gamer who wants to enjoy more frames to get an edge against your opponents or perhaps a graphics designer or video editor who wants to shorten render times to meet a fast-approaching deadline you could benefit from having Intel Performance Maximizer fine-tune your PC’s performance as long as your PC is running a supported unlocked Intel 9th Gen or X-Series CPU.


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