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6 October 2020





If you’re a member of a team working on a project, you’ll know how important collaboration is. The efficient sharing of ideas and information between your team members is critical. Tools and technologies that benefit your team are vital elements in ensuring your project achieves its goals. Samsung Flip display solution is the perfect meeting room tool. Forget about markers and whiteboards; the Samsung Flip brings an entirely new way to present, share and manage information. It can do everything from showing a simple PowerPoint presentation to image editing to creating complex art pieces. And so much more!





The Samsung Flip is at its heart a 55 or 65-inch 4K UHD interactive smart touch display. That’s selling it short though. It combines all of the features of a touch screen with multiple simultaneous stylus support, the ease of use of a traditional whiteboard, broad multi-device connectivity and an integrated feature-rich software suite.


The display can be mounted in portrait or landscape positions, or it can be mounted on an optional specially designed wheel stand for easy mobility, or it can be wall-mounted. It makes use of the Tizen operating system, has built-in storage and includes a range of applications designed for everything from simple presentations to advanced artistic designs. This is made possible by a natural pen to paper-like writing experience. This can take the form of writing on the display itself, or on any compatible device, of which there are many! Up to four styli are supported at any one time which helps to take teamwork and collaboration to a new level. When your team can integrate and share thoughts like this, ideas can come to life!



Samsung Flip 2 55" + Stand + Tray - Bundle


Altogether, the Samsung Flip allows your team to interact and share ideas, inform and visualise, engage and collaborate in ways that will accelerate your workflow. Of course, it’s not just a device useful for business. The classroom has come a long way from the old chalk and blackboard days. Today’s students can easily make use of the abilities of the Flip. They’ll benefit from a class environment that encourages creativity, sharing and teamwork.



Samsung Flip 65" 4K UHD Interactive Display





As a fully functional high-quality display, the Samsung Flip can be connected to all manner of devices. You can do something as simple as plug in a laptop and use it as a big display. The HDMI port will also support something like an Intel Compute Stick, effectively turning it into a full Windows 10 PC.


The Samsung Flip is well integrated with other Samsung devices, and its capable of displaying the content on a Smart View equipped Samsung phone. This makes it easy to prepare your presentation, load it onto your Samsung phone and simply cast it to the Flip. It’s not restricted to Samsung phones or tablets either. WiFi Direct support means that any compatible device can be connected wirelessly to the Flip.





The Samsung Flip uses the Tizen operating system. It includes support for commonly used Microsoft Office apps including PowerPoint. While PowerPoint may be the backbone of many meeting room presentations, the ability to make annotations and on the fly additions or answer queries make it a superior presentation solution. You can add answers to questions right there on the presentation itself simply via handwriting. These files can then be instantly transferred to team members.


The Flip can create content that goes beyond what you’d expect from a simple presentation. The use of the Flip Pen means you can do the same kinds of things you could do with a normal pen and paper, even produce quality artwork. The brush mode means designers and artists can produce content beginning with the inception of an idea all the way to the finished product, all on the fly with collaboration, input and access available to any team member.


This kind of functionality adds so much more to what you’d normally be able to achieve on a whiteboard. Samsung provides a comprehensive selection of templates and forms to help your business organise, plan and collaborate more effectively than ever before.





Content that’s created and shown on the Flip can be instantly shared across your workplace, something that you simply can’t do with handwritten notes. You’ll save time and effort by not having to chase colleagues for their presentations, content or notes. The Flip includes built-in email and support for network storage, so you have real-time workplace connectivity that’s secure thanks to WPA2 wireless security. There’s also print and USB support, so your ideas and presentations can be accessed digitally, either instantaneously or via traditional office media. It works in reverse too. In addition to the above connectivity options, there’s WiFi and HDMI support, making it easy to import various types of content and display it on the Flip.





All kinds of workplaces will benefit from the technologies the Samsung Flip offers. It will enhance your presentations, allow creators to express and share their ideas in a new and efficient way. It will allow your team to engage in ways that a straight slide show cannot match. Collaborations and idea-sharing has never been easier. Less ‘death by PowerPoint’ and more engagement will lead to a more productive workplace. Consider the ways the Samsung Flip could benefit your team and shop the range at Mwave!




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