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Add ports to your PC with Satechi USB Hubs

28 October 2020



Stylish and functional peripherals to suit your premium device


Everyone can appreciate a sleek Ultrabook or MacBook class of device and we love the portability and convenience of phones and tablets. You can carry them anywhere, they have a battery that can last all day and they can perform tasks that were only possible on a desktop PC a few years ago. There is a problem with slim and light devices though. They can be too thin! You can generally forget about things like an Ethernet port, while things like HDMI and three or four Type-A USB ports are often omitted because they’re simply too large for a laptop that’s under a centimetre thick. That’s where Satechi peripherals, multimedia hubs and travel adapters come in. They’re perfect for adding all sorts of connectivity and expandability options to almost any class of device.


Unlike a lot of cheap and poorly built products, Satechi products feature premium and durable designs with an aesthetic that’s designed to match your premium device. They’re built to last. Throw them in a bag and connect them day after day without any concerns. Premium aluminium designs make them a natural pairing with MacBooks and Ultrabooks.

Thanks to the bandwidth on offer from USB 3.2 Type-C ports, it’s possible to use a single USB port and plug in a device that offers every kind of connectivity or expandability option you’d find on full size or gaming laptop.  



Give your notebook connectivity to match a desktop PC


If you’re working at the office, or perhaps at home during the Covid era, or studying, chances are you have a work laptop that accompanies you just about everywhere. A Satechi multimedia adapter is a great companion for all kinds of uses. Simply plug it into a USB Type-C port, and you’ll be able to plug straight into a large, 4K screen or projector and make presentations, or play media via HDMI. Perhaps you need DisplayPort? There’s an option to suit


Type-C USB ports may be the way of the future, but we’re not there yet. Far too many devices use Type-A ports including flash drives, external hard drives and things like a mouse, or yes, even that USB Christmas tree or trinket that sits on your desk drawing way too much attention! Plain old type-A devices will be with us for some time, so a Satechi hub will no doubt give you years of reliable use.

Have you ever been into a shared conference room and had to ask what the WiFi password is, yet nobody knows? Or maybe WiFi is not available. That’s where good old Ethernet can come in handy. Many offices, cafes and hotels still have LAN ports. They’re inherently more reliable than sometimes spotty WiFi. Sadly, Ethernet plugs are simply too large for modern ultra-portable devices but with a Satechi adapter, adding this kind of functionality is a simple matter of plugging an adapter in.



Satechi multimedia adapter



Satechi offers a whole range of stylish and functional peripherals and cables


If you’ve got a phone that supports Qi wireless charging, then you’ll want to check out the attractive and unobtrusive Satechi Aluminium fast wireless chargers. They will look right at home on any office desk, living room table or bedside table.


Laptop docks have generally fallen out of fashion, but not entirely. Satechi multimedia adapters are perfect for portable applications, but there are still uses for a desk hub, particularly if you use something like an iMac or all in one PC with ports that aren’t easily accessible. The Satechi USB-C Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub is both a monitor stand and USB hub and card reader. It blends in perfectly with an iMac both in terms of looks and its convenient plug and play compatibility. Flash drives, hard drives or your peripherals will all be within easy reach. It’s built to last and looks great too.



Satechi USB-C Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub




Don’t rely on cheap cables and chargers with your premium devices


Modern USB devices can draw serious amounts of power, up to 100W. This means you really don’t want to go with a generic no-name cable if you plan to fast charge your devices.  Satechi premium cables are built to exact specifications and feature highly durable connectors for day after day usage. If you’re an Apple user there’s a top-quality USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging iPhones, iPads or any other Lightning-equipped device.


Every portable device needs charging, and if you’re charging multiple devices at once, it’s not difficult to overload a cheap charger. With the Satechi multi-port travel charger, you can charge your Apple devices, Microsoft Surface or even a Nintendo Switch with one compact charger.  Should you use a premium notebook or device such as an iMac or MacBook, the last thing you want to do is rely on no-name brand peripherals, hubs and cables. Satechi offers a great blend of functionality, durability, and compatibility along with great looks that will complement any system or laptop.


If you’re unsure about any product in the Satechi range, as always, feel free to get in touch with the Mwave team. We’ll make sure to recommend the right Satechi product to suit your needs.




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