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Deepcool Assassin III CPU Cooler

6 January 2020



Daily computing is faster, easier, and more convenient today compared to a decade ago thanks to more powerful and efficient CPUs. Despite improvements in energy efficiency, many powerful CPUs still generate a considerable amount of heat, especially when running heavy workloads. To keep temperatures in check requires high-end cooling solutions such as the Deepcool Assassin III CPU Air Cooler.


High-End design + performance

No stone is left unturned when it comes to the Assassin III’s design and performance. Each and every component comes manufactured for efficiency, performance, durability, and aesthetics to make sure you get the best performance possible at all times.


Source: Deepcool

Unique convex base

The Assassin III begins temperature management from the outset, right when you boot up your PC. It all begins at the first point of contact: the base plate. Unlike most CPU air coolers, that have a flat base, the Assassin III comes with a slightly convex-shaped copper base. This unique design allows it to adhere to the CPU much better and help it transfer heat more effectively to the heatsink through the heat pipes.

Specially manufactured heat pipes

Seven heat pipes move heat away from the base to the heatsinks for dissipation. Each Ø6mm-diameter copper heat pipe is a product of new sintering technology that makes them more effective in transferring heat.



Source: Deepcool

Robust twin heatsink design

The Assassin III's dual heatsinks have more than 40 deformation-resistant fins on either side optimally stacked to dissipate heat fast. Both heatsinks also have an asymmetrical shape, providing space and 54mm clearance to accommodate most, top-tier DIMM memory sticks with heat spreaders. 

Quiet, High-air pressure fans

1.79mmAq maximum air pressure gets delivered when the two custom-engineered fans with patented two-layer blades with built-in noise-cancelling teeth spin at a top speed of 1400RPM.

Fans are the things that usually fail first in CPU air coolers, which is why the Assassin III’s PWM fans have fluid dynamic bearings that make them extraordinarily durable. These bearings also let them rotate fast while keeping operational acoustics from going beyond 34.2dBA—which is as quiet as a low whisper in a bedroom at night.

Stylish looks

From the fan blades and frame to the obsidian-coloured spoiler, the Assassin III sports a minimalist design that attracts and keeps your attention. The copper cold plate even comes with a mirror-finish nickel-plated cover to ensure a premium and classy aspect any way you look at it.


Source: Deepcool


Complete accessories

What makes the Assassin III easy to install are the accessories that ship along with it. You get all the screws, brackets, and connectors you need to mount the CPU air cooler the moment you unbox it. The accessories kit also conveniently includes a magnetic screwdriver, so you do not need to go and get your toolbox for one, and some thermal paste with an applicator ready for use.



Source: Deepcool

The ultimate cooling solution

The Assassin III comes with everything you need to manage your AMD or Intel CPU's temperature. Its high-end, functional design translates to superior, real-world performance that will enable you to utilize your CPU to its full potential while running at a low temperature and noise output.



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