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Discover AORUS FI27Q and FI27Q-P Gaming Monitors

17 January 2020



Next-gen Gaming Displays

Building on its success with the AORUS AD27QD, Gigabyte presents the next generation of its gaming monitors: the AORUS FI27Q and FI27Q-P.



 Exceptional picture quality

Both the AORUS FI27Q and AORUS FI27Q-P gaming monitors come with a 10-bit IPS panel that utilises 8-bit + FRC to display more in-between shades of colours, significantly improving colour quality. The use of DCI-P3 colour space enables the monitors to have a sizable palette to show colours from—25% more colours compared to sRGB. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology certified by VESA offers improved contrast and colour reproduction than non-HDR displays. AMD Radeon FreeSync and 1-millisecond response time eliminate gameplay-ruining screen tearing and input lag issues.



 Tactical Features

It does not matter if your enemy has the high ground. With the FI27Q and FI27Q-P, you get to fight in any terrain at any time and outmatch your opponent by taking advantage of the following features.

1.   Aim Stabilizer. Hit every pinpoint target dead centre every single time. With Aim Stabilizer minimising blur and shakiness, your aim significantly improves viewing high-value targets through a sniper scope.

2.   GameAssist. Gain an advantage with GameAssist. Some popular shooting games do not display crosshairs, which frustrates many gamers. With GameAssist, you can paint your very own crosshair and verify that your aim is spot on before shooting.

3.   Active Noice Cancellation (ANC). A faulty line of communication can cost you and your team the victory. Gigabyte's ANC technology remedies the issue by blocking out ambient noise in your gaming area to help your teammates hear you loud and clear when you plug in a headset.

4.   Black Equalizer. Pitch-black darkness is no longer an area of concern with Black Equalizer. This technology helps lighten dark in-game environments without oversaturating other parts of the scene, effectively enabling you to foil enemy ambushes and avoid nasty traps.

5.   OSD Sidekick. Using manual controls to adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast, and other settings can be time-consuming. OSD Sidekick lets you fine-tune these and other settings, as well as turn other features on or off as needed easily using its intuitive desktop-based interface.

6.   Dashboard. Do you want to keep a close eye on your GPU and CPU's performance? Or perhaps you want to see your mouse's current sensitivity setting? Activate the Dashboard overlay to monitor your machine's components and peripherals performance and tweakable configurations in real-time.

7.   PIP and PBP. Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-By-Picture lets you watch a video streamed from a different source in an area within your screen. You will find these two features very handy when you are stuck at a certain level and need to consult someone's video walkthrough to help you advance in the game.



Exclusive upgraded FI2Q7-P features


AORUS FI27Q-P is the best choice for gaming enthusiasts who want one of the most advanced tactical gaming monitor to date. In contrast to the FI27Q's DisplayPort 1.3 connector and the AD27QD's DisplayPort 1.2 connector, the FI27Q-P comes with DisplayPort 1.4, enabling it to for High Bit Rate III (HBR III) connectivity. HBR III makes it possible to use 2K resolution, HDR, 10-bits colour reproduction, and have a high-end graphics card deliver visuals at a 165Hz refresh rate all at the same time—without any compromises!
The FI27Q-P further implements upgraded noise cancellation for improved team communication with ANC 2.0 and enhanced Black Equalizer 2 for clearer images in darker scenes.



RGB Fusion 2.0

A sleek, modern design complemented by RGB Fusion 2.0 LED lighting show off these tactical gaming monitors' aesthetics. Make either display's RGB lighting effects sync with other RGB Fusion compatible components and peripherals you own. Or, turn-off the LEDs for a stealthy look.



Adjustable stand


Both new AORUS gaming monitors have ergonomic stands. These panels allow tilting downwards up to -5° and upwards up to +21° and permit swivelling to the left -20° or right +20°. Their height can be raised by up to 130mm. When you need to see things in landscape orientation, feel free to flip the screen +90°.



Weaponize everything!


Beat your opponents decisively when you upgrade your display with either the Gigabyte AORUS FI2Q7 or the AORUS FI2Q7-P tactical gaming monitor.


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