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What is BenQ Eye-Care Technology?

11 September 2019

BenQ Eye-Care Monitors feature technologies aimed at reducing eye-fatigue and discomfort when using your PC.

BenQ Eye-Care Monitors


In the modern world, we use LCD displays for many hours on a daily basis – for work in the office, entertainment at home and more. Thus, it’s of great importance that the displays you interact with every day have the right features to protect your eyes. BenQ’s large range of Eye-Care equipped monitors include several eye-protecting features such as:


  • Flicker Free
  • Low Blue Light
  • Low Blue Light +
  • Brightness Intelligence
  • Brightness Intelligence +



Flicker Free

Many LCD monitors feature backlighting that is controlled via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). PWM backlighting controls the brightness of the display by quickly turning on and off the backlighting. LCD monitors that utilise PWM backlighting flicker at a rate of 250 times per second – this flicker is generally not perceivable to the human eye but can cause eye-fatigue and irritation. If you have ever tried to film or take a photo of an LCD monitor and it looks like it is flickering or strobing, then it’s likely using PWM backlighting.



Low Blue Light Technology

Conventional LCD monitors emit blue-violet radiation that is harmful to human eyes. BenQ has implemented Low Blue Light Technology that is designed to filter out blue-light to help reduce eye-fatigue and irritation.



Low Blue Light Technology +

Low Blue Light Plus Technology builds on the existing Low Blue Light Technology by filtering out short wavelength blue light (420nm – 455nm) emissions while retaining beneficial blue-turquoise light (455nm – 480nm). From a user’s perspective, BenQ’s Low Blue Light Plus Technology can filter out harmful blue light without introducing a yellow colour shift, thus maintaining picture quality. For further improved image quality and a more comfortable viewing experience, BenQ’s Low Blue Plus Technology provides four different scenario modes – Standard, Entertainment, Office and Darkroom Modes.



Brightness Intelligence

BenQ monitors featuring Brightness Intelligence Technology include an ambient sensor that measures the ambient light of your environment and automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitors to create a more comfortable viewing experience. When your usage environment is dark, the backlight will dim. When the usage environment is well-lit, the backlight will brighten.



Brightness Intelligence +

Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+) builds on the existing Brightness Intelligence Technology detecting not only ambient light levels but also the colour temperature of your environment. Based on the detected levels of light and colour temperature, Brightness Intelligence Plus can then automatically adjust the brightness and colour temperatures of the monitor for a more comfortable viewing experience. You can read more about Brightness Intelligence + on Respawn Ninja




Utilising BenQ’s Eye-Care technologies can help reduce discomfort and eye-fatigue when you interact with your PC. Combine BenQ Eye-Care with an ergonomic monitor stand that has ample height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments, can also help make for a more comfortable and ergonomic experience. In addition to BenQ’s Eye-Care technologies, many of their monitors also feature key technologies such as HDR support and AMD FreeSync for a more immersive gaming and content consumption experience.  



Browse Mwave's range of BenQ Eye-Care capable monitors or BenQ's entire monitor range.



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