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Be quiet! Dark Rock CPU Air Coolers

24 December 2019


Be quiet! is renowned for manufacturing high-quality computer components and accessories, from robust and reliable power supplies and desktop PC cases to air coolers, fans, and more. Be quiet! has its headquarters in Germany, where it has earned a stellar reputation for producing state-of-the-art products you can rely on for long-term use. The company's market reach is spreading outside of Europe as more and more consumers are discovering for themselves that the hype about their products' performance and dependability is true and based on fact—and this includes the Dark Rock Pro 4 and Dark Rock Slim CPU air coolers.


Dark Rock CPU air coolers belong to be quiet!'s premium, high-end product line. Their exceptional engineering enables them to provide efficient heat dissipation for systems that perform heavy workloads. Their efficient thermal management, built-in noise-cancelling technologies, and heavy-duty build quality make them the perfect processor cooling solution for gaming PCs, enterprise and creator workstations, and other computers built for demanding computing tasks.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
source: be quiet!

Dark Rock Pro 4


The Dark Rock Pro 4 comes with two Silent Wings PWM fans that have 6-pole motors and advanced fluid dynamic bearings that allow them to spin at top speeds without producing operational noise beyond 24.3dB(A), which is as quiet as a very soft whisper. The front fan sports funnel-shaped air inlets in the frame which enables it to supply high air pressure. Front fan dimensions are 120mm x 120mm x 25mm, while those of the inner fan measures 135mm x 135mm x 22mm. Despite having different fan form factors, both fans implement an airflow-optimised fan blade design to help them circulate air better than stock CPU air coolers.

Base of be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
source: be quiet!

Seven 6mm high-performance copper heat pipes move heat away from the processor. Heat gets transferred to the premium aluminium heatsink with custom-engineered cooling fins. The fins come with wave-contoured edges with dots embossed on the surface to ensure optimised air circulation and heat dissipation. Also, a cutout architecture allows the two aluminium heatsinks to provide enough clearance for installing most RAM modules.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 has a brushed aluminium top cover with a diamond-cut finish. It has a stylish matte finish with a special coating that has ceramic particles that helps to transfer heat. Its 250W TDP rating makes it ideal for deploying in PCs used for compute-intensive workflows.


be quiet! Dark Rock Slim
source: be quiet!


Dark Rock Slim


For compact PC builds, be quiet! offers the Dark Rock Slim. Like the Dark Rock Pro 4, it also comes with an aesthetically-pleasing matte finish with ceramic particle coating that helps transfer heat.
The compact Dark Rock Slim equips a 120mm x 120mm x 25mm Silent Wings PWM fan, which can spin at a maximum 1,500 RPM. Integrated noise reduction features limit operational acoustics to a threshold of just 23.6dB(A). Four copper heat pipes, each with a 6mm diameter, conduct heat efficiently. The Dark Rock Slim's high-quality aluminium heatsink has fins shaped purposefully with wave contours for improved performance and efficiency. 


be quiet! Dark Rock Slim
source: be quiet!

A 180W TDP rating makes the be quiet! Dark Rock Slim a compact and exceptionally efficient CPU cooling solution for desktop gaming PCs, audiovisual workstations, and workgroup computers used for heavy collaboration tasks.

The kit conveniently comes with extra fan clips you can use for attaching a second fan. 


be quiet! Dark Rock CPU air coolers


Finding the best and the right CPU cooling solution for your PC is critical if you want optimum performance without breaking or shortening the lifespan of expensive components. If you need a CPU air cooler that performs better than others consistently and does not compromise on build quality and aesthetics, go for the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 or be quiet! Dark Rock Slim.


Check out an Mwave custom PC build video featuring the Dark Rock Pro 4




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