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Why Choose Seagate BarraCuda SSDs

7 September 2018

If you’re wanting to add new life into your PC, then Seagate has you covered with their new range of BarraCuda SSDs. Read more to find out about their benefits.


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If your computer is lagging or you can’t stand waiting for your PC to boot-up and your programs to open, then upgrading to a new solid-state drive (SSD) can help. SSDs offer far higher transfer speeds than traditional mechanical hard-disk drive (HDD). Adding an SSD can help bring new life to an older PC, especially older laptops due to SSDs having greater durability and reliability than HDDs as they have no moving parts. The new range of Seagate BarraCuda SSDs are perfect for both first-time SSD users along with PC enthusiasts due to their high speeds. Browse our range of Seagate Barracuda SSDs HERE.



Compact Size

Seagate BarraCuda SSDs are available in the common 2.5” form factor with a slim 7mm height enabling it to fit in almost any device (be it a laptop or desktop) supporting 2.5” drives. If you’re wanting to expand your storage externally, the common 2.5” form-factor also enables it to fit in many external portable HDD enclosures giving you fast and durable storage. BarraCuda SSDs are finished in a black metal casing to match your PC no matter your theme and for improved durability. Read more about Seagate Barracuda SSDs HERE.


Seagate Barracude SSD - black


A Trusted Name

Although Seagate is relatively new in the consumer SSD industry compared to the likes of Crucial or Samsung, they are a well-known name in the digital storage industry. With the launch of the BarraCuda SSD, Seagate brings over 20 years of trusted performance and reliability. The BarraCuda SSD is one of Seagate’s first consumer SSDs and shares some features with their renowned enterprise Nytro SSDs.



Speed and Capacity

Seagate’s BarraCuda SSDs are among the fastest SATA based SSDs available and they also present great value for money – undercutting many competing high-performance models by a significant amount. Seagate offers BarraCuda SSDs in capacities ranging from budget-friendly 250GB up to a high-capacity 2TB. Seagate states that these SSDs have read speeds of up to 560MB/s and write speeds of up to 540MB/s using a SATA III 6Gb/s interface – for 2TB and 1TB models. The write speeds slightly drop to 535MB/s and 530MB/s for each of the 500GB and 250GB SSDs respectively. All Seagate BarraCuda SSDs utilize Toshiba 3D TLC NAND flash memory modules.


Seagate BarraCuda SSD - Specifications





NAND Flash Memory




Sequential Read (Max, MB/s) - 128KB

560 560 560 560

Sequential Write (Max, MB/s) - 128KB

540 540 535 530

Endurance / Reliability


Total Bytes Written (TB)

1067 485 249 120

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF, hours)

1,800,000 1,800,000 1,800,000 1,800,000

Warranty, Limited (years)

5 5 5 5


What is 3D TLC NAND?

Toshiba 3D TLC NAND flash memory is the primary storage of Seagate BarraCuda SSDs. TLC – Triple-Level Cell – needs higher power and error correction requirements and typically has higher wear levels – though this is not a concern in a consumer use-case environment. TLC memory is usually used in consumer-grade SSDs as they will usually have far higher read uses than write. 


3D TLC – is a variant of TLC flash memory which vertically stacks memory cells for improved efficiency and longevity. 3D TLC’s benefits include lower prices and higher capacities than traditional TLC. 3D TLC NAND was first popularised by Samsung’s SSDs including their 800-series SSDs. 


Other types of NAND flash memory include:

  • Multi-Level Cell (MLC) – commonly used in consumer devices such as USB drives, smartphones and cameras. 
  • Enterprise Multi-Level Cell (eMLC) – similar to MLC however with a longer lifespan designed for use in demanding, enterprise environments.
  • Single-Level Cell (SLC) – highest cost NAND flash memory with a long lifespan and high transfer speeds.




The Toshiba 3D TLC NAND flash memory used in Seagate BarraCuda SSDs offers high reliability and longevity with a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1,800,000 hours. The BarraCuda 2TB SSD also features a rated 1067TB of Total Bytes Written. Unlike much of the competition, Seagate offers a long 5-year warranty with all BarraCuda SSDs for extra peace-of-mind. 



Find out more about Seagate BarraCuda SSDs HERE



Browse our range of Seagate SSDs HERE





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