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3 Day Mwave Dollar Super Reward

15 August 2018

For a limited time, earn up to $50 Mwave Dollars (store credit) site wide at a boosted rate. 10:00 August 15, 2018 -> 18:00 August 17, 2018

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Shop Now and earn up to $50 Mwave Dollars (store credit) at a boosted rate with any order site wide for a limited time. This site wide bonus offer runs from 10:00 (AEST) Wednesday, August 15, 2018, to 18:00 (AEST) Friday, August 17, 2018.  

During the promotional period, accelerate the rate at which your first $50 Mwave Dollars are earned, gain; 

Bonus 2.5% Mwave Dollar for non-mVIP accounts (3% total) 

Bonus 2% Mwave Dollar for business accounts (3% total) 

Bonus 4% Mwave Dollar for mVIP accounts (5% total) 


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Terms & Conditons 


A maximum bonus of $50 Mwave Dollars applies per account

Once $50 Mwave Dollars are earned during the promotional period, Mwave Dollars will return to be earned at the standard rate

Bonus Mwave Dollars will be credited to your account once your order has been invoiced/dispatched from August 22, 2018

Standard Mwave Dollar terms & conditions still applies – to read more CLICK HERE




What is “Mwave Dollars?” 

Mwave Dollar is a loyalty rewards programs for customers who make purchases at Mwave. Mwave Dollars can be used towards your next purchase on the Mwave store - $1 Mwave Dollar = $1 on Mwave’s website. Mwave Dollar works in a similar way to other loyalty rewards programs such as Frequent Flyer, Credit Card Rewards Points and more. Mwave Dollar is only available for online orders and excludes products on special along with other marketing promotions, e.g. discounted pricing, coupon redemption, discounted shipping, mVIP deals etc.


For a full description of Mwave Dollar and for terms & conditions


What is “mVIP?”

mVIP is Mwave’s exclusive membership program which gives customers access to discounted shipping, exclusive discounts on a great range of products and more. For a full list of benefits and for mVIP terms & conditions, CLICK HERE.  

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