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Buying A Headset Stand: Which Is Right For Me?

27 Febuary 2018


Having a bulky headset can be frustrating sometimes, and if you’re someone who’s constantly knocking your headset off your desk or getting tangled up in all the cords, then a headset stand is a fantastic remedy for you.


Whilst there currently isn’t a massive collection of stands or holders on the market, it is still important to do your research and make sure the one you choose is best suited for your needs. Looking at a product’s reviews is a good place to start, but before that, let’s go into what you should be mindful of when making your decision on which headset holder to buy.


Different types of headset stands


There are ultimately two different types of headset or headphone holders.



A headset stand is one that has a base that sits on your desk with a hook or perch to rest your headset on. These are the most common headset holders that you’ll find, and are usually the better option for someone who desires good cable management or if you just want your headset on display.



Hangers or Mounts

These kinds of holders are generally attached to the side or underside of your desk by clamp or adhesive, or sometimes even attached to the side of your computer’s case whether by suction or magnetically. Hangers or mounts will be harder to find but are a great option for someone who prioritises a clean or minimalistic space





Headset and stand compatibility  


Most stands or holders are designed to fit an array of headset sizes, but if you’ve opted for quite a large sized headset you should be looking at the products dimensions to make sure yours will fit.


Stand height

Knowing the height of the stand you’re looking at will often suffice as it will let you know how much of a gap from your desk’s surface that your headset will have when hanging. If your stand is too low then your headset will touch your desk and can cause the stand to fall over, or it can cause pulling and bending to your headsets cords.


Headset band width

The width of your headsets headband is important to check as some bulkier headsets may not fit and dangle over the side, and therefore be more prone to falling off which is especially worrying if you’re using a hanger that doesn’t have any immediate surface below to catch them.


Stand weight

It is important to check the product’s weight as this will usually tell you how sturdy it will be. Many stands are made purely for headphones rather than bulky gaming headsets so looking at a products user reviews here will come in handy; the last thing you’d want is for your stand to not support the weight of your headset and to fall over.


What headset stand or holder should I buy?


If you’ve read the above and you still just don’t know what you’re after then here are some of our suggestions.


If you’re looking for a cheap no-nonsense holder without the extra features, a stand like the Bluelounge Pesto Headphone Stand or a hanger like the In Win Mag-Ear Magnetic Headphone Hanger are the ones for you and will both only set you back $30. These products are small, simple, and purely hang your headset like you want them to.
The Satechi USB 3.0 Aluminium Headphone Stand, whilst a little more pricey than other stands, comes with a plethora of extra features for those who desire functionality. This highly-rated stand comes with three USB 3.0 ports which is especially useful for those with headsets or headphones that require a charge, and provides handy access to USB ports so you can easily charge your other devices at the same time.
For easy cable storage and the ability of displaying your headset on your PC case the NZXT Puck Cable Management and Headset-mounting Solution is a great choice for you. The Puck mounts on your PC case using powerful magnets and provides the ability to split in two to store a large amount of cables or even to use as two separate mounts.
If you’re an RGB lover with a large price point who desires both functionality and aesthetics, the Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand is the one for you. It features a programmable RGB base, a USB 3.1 port, and a built-in 3.5mm analogue input that enables 7.1 surround sound.



































From stands to hangers, there will definitely be an option out there for you regardless of the price point or functionality, so start looking today!


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