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Compatible CPU Coolers with Intel Core X-Series CPU - 7640X, 7740X, 7800X, 7820X, 7900X

22 June 2017



Intel® Core™ X-series Processor Family - Socket LGA2066

Processor number Core speed Socket type Model Code
i9-7900X 3.30 GHz LGA2066 BX80673I97900X
i7-7820X 3.60 GHz LGA2066 BX80673I77820X
i7-7800X 3.50 GHz LGA2066 BX80673I77800X
i7-7740X 4.30 GHz LGA2066 BX80677I77740X
i5-7640X 4.00 GHz LGA2066 BX80677I57640X

"The Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors drop into an LGA2066 interface, supported by Intel's X299 chipset. Although LGA2066 incorporates more pins than LGA 2011v3, it shares many of the same dimensions. As a result, it's physically compatible with existing LGA 2011v3 coolers. However, Intel recommends water cooling as a minimum requirement due to Skylake-X's TDP rating. Skylake-X processors also have an integrated voltage regulator (IVR) that is similar to the FIVR implementation on Broadwell-E parts." 



Like all of Intel's unlocked SKUs, the newest X-series will be not include with any cooler out of the box. Any previous CPU coolers that supported the LGA2011v3 / LGA2011, should also be compatible with the LGA2066.  

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