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9 Steps to Build a Gaming PC - Video Tutorial

24 January 2017

9 Steps to Build a Gaming PC: Video Tutorial

Picked up your parts but are having trouble installing them? We are here to help! 

We have picked one of our Mwave custom-built gaming PCs as a worked example to show you the simple process of building your own PC. Along with in-depth step by step instruction, we also share some 'fun' tips to help you build your custom PC.

The Build

For this build, we used our Mwave XCore 6800 Gaming PC which is a high-end PC recommended for content creation and high end gaming, the latest version uses the following components:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 6800K Broadwell-E 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.40GHz CPU Processor
  • SSD: Intel 750 Series 400GB PCI-Express SSD
  • MOBO: ASUS ROG STRIX X99 Gaming Intel LGA 2011-3 ATX Motherboard
  • RAM: GeIL SUPER LUCE 32GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory White
  • GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX Strix 1080 8GB Gaming Video Card
  • HDD: Seagate ST3000DM001 3TB Barracuda Desktop HDD 3.5” 7200RPM SATA3 Hard Drive
  • CASE: Thermaltake Core X31 RGB Edition Mid Tower ATX Case
  • PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower GOLD 1000W Modular Power Supply
  • CPU COOLER: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 Liquid CPU Cooler


How To Build a PC with Intel's Broadwell-E 6800K CPU 

  • Step 1: CPU & RAM Installation 1:00
  • Step 2: Power Supply Installation 4:15
  • Step 3: Basic Cable Management 11:39
  • Step 4: Motherboard Installation 12:50
  • Step 5: Cable Management 2nd Round 15:45
  • Step 6: Cooling System Installation 19:34
  • Step 7: Fan Controller & Final Cabling 31:05
  • Step 8: Storage SSD Installation 35:03
  • Step 9: Graphic Card Installation 36:48

Although your parts may be slightly different, most of the steps above are quite universal and can be used to help guide you through your next custom PC build.

Product Recommendation

Check out our Chiefs eSports s27 Gaming PC -  The official gaming PC spec used by Chiefs Esports for OPL. This custom PC uses the new Intel's Kaby Lake CPU and NVMe SSD.

The Chiefs eSports s27 Gaming PC is recommended for competitive eSports gamers for LoL, CS:GO, DOTA and Overwatch.

Chiefs eSports s27 Gaming PC


  • 1 x Mwave Custom PC Assembly
  • 1 x Thermaltake SMART 650W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply
  • 1 x Corsair Vengeance White LED 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Memory
  • 1 x Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming G1 6GB Video Card
  • 1 x Intel 600p 512GB 80mm PCIE 3.0 X4 M.2 SSD SSDPEKKW512G7X1
  • 1 x Thermaltake View 27 Windowed ATX Mid-Tower Case - Black
  • 1 x Intel Core i5 7600K Quad Core LGA 1151 3.8 GHz Unlocked CPU Processor
  • 1 x Gigabyte Z270 Gaming K3 LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard



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