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Power Banks and Pokemon GO Buyer's Guide

12 July 2016

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. The smartphone based AR-game has been built using Ingress technology that requires players to travel around and capture Pokemon creatures in real life.

With the app using location services, camera, CPU processing and more – smartphone batteries are taking a hit draining faster when compared to standard use. With a lot of people relying on smartphones to connect, travel and keep in touch today – Pokemon Go can easily leave you stranded without any juice to keep on going.



The best way to counter this is by using a power bank; portable battery packs that holds charge and allows you to carry on playing (or use your smartphone) without stopping to recharge at a power point.


Before jumping into what power bank are available, let’s have a look at the details:

mAh (Milliamp Hours): Measurement of how much power a battery can hold. Higher the number means higher the capacity and uptime.

A (Amps): How much power is going to the device while charging.


These are the common numbers found when companies advertise power banks. They usually give an estimated amount of charges you can get out of one. Take note however, most smartphones are different and contain different sized batteries. Power banks also vary in sizes, amps and cables which can affect the expected charges. You’ll have to take these into account when purchasing one as most ‘expected charges’ are estimated.

As you can see, higher the mAh means more usage out of the power bank. Depending on your usage, you can determine what kind of power bank you need by looking at these numbers. If you're looking to get more hours out of your smartphone, pick something that's higher. Want to read more into Power Banks? reddit has a good guide here.


Here are some power banks we carry:



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