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GTX Titan X vs. GTX 980 Ti: Why the 980Ti is the better choice.

11 June 2015


The Titan X or GTX 980 Ti Video Card? Which is the best choice?


NVIDIA has recently launched their new ‘flagship’ GTX 980 Ti video card – a successor to the well-received GTX 980. In-depth reviews for the video card show that the GTX 980 Ti comes close to the NVIDIA Titan X – so which one should you buy?


The GTX 980 Ti has very similar benchmarks and performance to the NVIDIA Titan X. Reference models show identical GPU and memory clocks. The only major difference is the higher CUDA cores with the Titan X sitting on 3072 cores vs. 2816 cores on the GTX 980 Ti. Another difference is the double memory with the Titan X sitting on 12GB of VRAM vs. 6GB on the GTX 980 Ti. While the Titan X seem to have more grunt – the gaming performance are quite identical.

The Titan X is priced at $1699 RRP AUD while the GTX 980 Ti is priced at $1199 RRP AUD – making that a whopping $500 AUD difference for video card that sits within 5% of each other in performance. So if you’re using it for gaming, it’s essentially throwing money away in the bin when you can use it for other things for your PC.

The GTX 980 Ti is the most ideal choice for gamers at this moment. With a big price gap and performance close to the Titan X – it’s pretty much the card to get.

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