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Top 10 PC Builds - March 2015

24 March 2015

Mwave have been posting many PC Builds recently on our social media and we have decided our top 10 favourite builds so far. We hope you enjoy the Top 10 PC
Builds of our choice to date. Discuss the different builds at the links supplied.


The Recoil Machine 
An online user going by the name of Recoil P has done some modding for himself. Inspired by wall mounted PC he ended up building a beautiful design which he titled "The RecoilMachine" Check out the discussion here!



Custom Water Cooled Desk
A regular PC Modder from New Zealand going by the name of PBaines built an awesome custom water cooled desktop. Just love the orange concept! Check out the discussion here!



Skyline GT-R R34
Ronnie Hara a Brazilian Case Moder that lives in Japan worked on a project which incorporated a very popular car in Japan, which was the Skyline GT-R R34. It even has NOS inside! Cool Blue, Nice and Slick. Check out the discussion here!



NANO | Boy
Polish PC Modder Bartlomiej Kurpiewski built one epic machine titled NANO | Boy. Great choice of colours with hot cabling. Check out the discussion here!



Bloody Angel
Snef a PC Modder called this project the Bloody Angel. Snef wanted to approach this project by making the design simple! With a hot red and white colour scheme. Check out the discussion here!



Game of Thrones
For the Game of Thrones fans! Ronnie Hara the Brazillian PC Modder designed an awesome machine themed around Game of Thrones. Check out the discussion here!



Project "CLUNK" by E.E.L.Ambiense. This project was designed based on a Bitfenix Outlaw chassis... or what's left of one. It also made it to the front cover of CPU digital magazine issue 14 Check out the discussion here!



Mr. TuF
Sir Yes Sir! A PC Modder in Malaysia going by the alias Anirbas designed Mr.TuF. An awesome rig designed with the feel of the battlefield. Check out the discussion here!



PC Modder Acula built a machine and titled it Project Mercury. Such a stunning simplistic design. Check out the discussion here!



Lucas a PC Modder worked on Arctic which is blue and white. The PC tower looks stunning with its simplicity. Check out the discussion here!

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