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Best Gaming Mouse - March 2015

10 March 2015

PC Gaming Mouse Review. For every gamer that wants to choose the ideal gaming mouse suited for their gaming needs. Below is a list of the top 10 gaming mouse that we would recommend. We managed to dig up some reviews for your convinece.


SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse


"The Rival looks stunning, feels really good in the hand, is a bit heavier than most other SteelSeries mice, and offers a level of performance that I have not seen in any other mouse..." Tweak Town

"The mouse remained comfortable to use after continuous hours of gaming whether that involved thrashing the mouse around in shooters or clocking several hundred clicks-per-minute in strategy games..." Legit Reviews


The SteelSeries RIVAL Optical Gaming Mouse equipped with the Pixart PW3310, an advanced optical sensor, the Rival is able to accurately track fast sweeping movements and sudden stops with deadly precision. No matter what resolution you choose, from 50 CPI to 6500 CPI, this optical mouse delivers the best performance, helping you to play your game better. View Product




Razer Naga Hex Expert Laser Gaming Mouse


"There’s no doubt that this is a quality item, as we have come to expect from Razer. The idea behind the six buttons is a good one, it definitely seems to makes sense to have more buttons where they can be easily reached, although this is really geared to MOBA & RPG style of gameplay..."  pcGameware


"It’s super comfortable, extremely responsive, and it just plain looks gorgeous." Gaming Nexus


The Razer Naga Hex features 6 large thumb buttons optimized specifically for MOBA and action-RPG user interfaces. Spells, abilities, and items from these games can be mapped directly onto the 6 thumb buttons for extraordinary game control. View Product




ROCCAT Kone XTD – Max Customization Gaming Mouse


"The gaming mouse made for a formidable weapon on the gaming grid, where its laser sensor yielded smooth movement on high DPI settings without exhibiting any lag..." PC Magazine


"In every angle of attack I try to apply, I come back with nothing to detract from this mouse; it just wins you over in any category..." Tweak Town


The Kone XTD features a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor that delivers lightning-fast computing speed - so you can take advantage of its many custom gaming functions with absolutely no lag. View Product




Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse 


"In actual performance, the G500s delivers exactly as expected, with smooth consistent tracking, worry free clicking, and a scroll-wheel that can be used either free spinning or ratcheting..." PC Magazine

"You immediately can recognize the quality of the mouse. From the hydrophobic coating to the adjustable DPI and the 10 programmable buttons, this rodent is easily better constructed than many other mice on the market..."  Tech Bargains


The G500s gaming mouse uses a high-end gaming-grade laser that is sensitive and responsive to your hand’s movements. It works well across a wide variety of surfaces and can recognise even the most minute hand gesture. However, if you want more control, you can easily adjust its weight to suit your gameplay style. View Product




Logitech G402 Hyperion Gaming Mouse 


"It packs in a high-speed, high-sensitivity laser sensor, a 32-bit ARM processor and oodles of programmable buttons, so it’s got all the performance you should need..." Trusted Reviews


"A formidable replacement to a staple gaming mouse, the Logitech G402 is a comfortable, precise peripheral with a bit of a bragging problem..." Tech Radar


A Combination of lightweight materials and rubber grips will help to ensure that your gaming sessions last as long as possible. View Product




Corsair Gaming M65 RGB FPS Gaming Laser Mouse


"The hardware of the mouse is excellent, the design of the mouse is good and comfortable, and you get a mouse with mucho software options, enough buttons that are programmable, it has cool looks and even has an adjustable weight system..." Guru3D


"The Corsair M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse has everything you could ask for, with excellent construction, several customisable features, and rock-solid performance..." PC Magazine


Carefully selected materials and superior ergonomics, combined with precise tracking and advanced customization, help M65 cross that point where it doesn't feel like a mouse, but like an extension of your hand. View Product




Mionix Naos 7000 Optical Gaming Mouse 


"The design is also so form fitting that the mouse becomes more of an extension of the hand, rather than a mouse; it fits every nook and cranny, and supports your hand from the finger tips, all the way through the wrist..." Tweak Town


"Mionix seems to have mastered the art of minimalist mouse design, relying on clean lines, smart ergonomics, and uncluttered features to appeal to consumers who want something a bit different than your average brash gaming mouse..." Pure OC


The NAOS 7000 is a truly ergonomic, right-handed gaming mouse. The unique shape is developed for a full palm grip with support for all five fingers. View Product




ZOWIE GEAR FK1 Competitive Gaming Mouse 


"In terms of performance the mouse performed exceptionally well. It offered accurate tracking at each DPI setting, across a range of hard and soft surfaces..." Hardware Heaven


"this is almost the perfect shape for an ambidextrous mouse..."


ZOWIE GEAR upholds the spirit of endless pursuit of product quality and continuous understanding of a player's needs. View Product




ROCCAT Tyon Multi-Button Laser Gaming Mouse


"Good ergonomics, a nice design and bucket loads of useful features make this mouse a real contender..." Trusted Reviews


"I found the ergonomic shape more comfortable to use compared to ambidextrous mice and I encountered no re-adjustment period, it was as if this mouse was molded to fit my hand..." Kit Guru


ROCCAT Tyon, the all action multi-button gaming mouse that's the result of countless hours of design from the industry's greatest minds, specifically tailored for modern, multi-vehicle warefare. View Product




Razer DeathAdder Chroma RGB Gaming Mouse 


"A fantastic entry-level gaming mouse for those who are either just getting started with PC gaming, or those who don't need or want the glitz and potential headache of the more expensive gaming mice..." Tech Radar


"The Razer DeathAdder Chroma isn’t a huge change from previous iterations of the mouse, but as a standalone it is absolutely fantastic..." IGN


DeathAdder Chroma gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most testing of battles. View Product


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