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Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

25 Febuary 2015

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown 

Corsair have been at the top end of the hardware and component market for quite some time, churning out high end PSU’s, radiators, cases and SSD’s. Their foray into the Gaming market began a few years ago with products that were considered unique and fairly innovative, backed by rock solid build quality. The latest K70 keyboard is a revamp of that first introduction, replacing original Cherry Switches Corsair patented Cherry RGB Switches, which effectively gives the user a fully customizable light show behind their keyboard – no exaggeration. This is one of the highest profile brand repositioning efforts in quite some time; and the RGB-Series is at the forefront of Corsair’s Gaming direction—I’ll be looking at everything from the look and feel of the keyboard to the software design and functionality to break this keyboard down while providing a snapshot of Corsair’s new mentality.


 Included utility software opens limitless possibilities in terms of backlight colour, pattern and press response; every single key can be programmed to respond differently when pressed – in theory it’s absolutely remarkable. Execution wise, it’s a little bit iffy. Software functionality isn’t perfect: I had a couple of firmware update failures and it took a few attempts for the software to recognize my keyboard. Similarly, the user interface isn’t great; expect to spend a few minutes figuring out how to save customized profiles and personal key mapping actions. The more lazy, less creative of us (ie. this reviewer) can skip the long, confusing process of custom profile creation and opt to download a personalized profile [i] which look amazing and really put the RGB switches to work. Whether or not you decide to make your own or download someone elses, colour profiles are truly rewarding with individual keys generating their own lighting effects; from ripples, to pulses and trails, it all creates remarkable aesthetic appeal unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a traditional keyboard, backlit or not.


The overall aesthetic looks and feels premium. Black, brushed metallic detailing looks pristine and individual keys aren’t recessed in some cheap plastic body/frame like many competing brands, allowing users to see the light switch under every key. Media buttons are plastic but activate with a satisfying click, the volume dial is a metal cylindrical dial which rolls forward and back with minimal effort and the provided wrist rest is a little bulky, but provides total comfort. A chunky, tightly braided cable ties it all together and caps off a keyboard that looks high-end but feels rugged, solid and worth every dollar.


Included Cherry Brown switches provide an effortless typing experience with the perfect amount of ‘bounce’ and feedback combined with just the right amount of noise to let me know that I’ve hit the key. After using both Red and Black switch keyboards by other brands, I can confidently say that Brown switches provided the best of both worlds – the responsiveness of red fused with the tactile response of black. That means less mistakes and a more authoritative typing experience. The aforementioned frameless design is an odd feeling to begin with, but the high-sitting keys and deeper presses are great overall.


As a gaming board, the K70 succeeds on many levels. Keys can be assigned to whatever action you desire – custom key mapping or odd setup users look no further. Gamers who listen to tunes while they play are completely covered too; media keys control any music application added in the software, the defaults being VLC, Winamp and Windows Media Player. Gaming performance is fluid, delay free and devoid of miskeys, everything responds as it should and if you are coming from a traditional rubberdome keyboard, the responsiveness will amaze you.


This is a rock solid product, offering premium level quality and comfort combined with a world’s first in terms of technology. These RGB switches are mind-blowing, the capabilities are designed to astound, being gorgeous in action and insanely customizable. Small details like the metallic design, braided cable and media keys lend to a top end, premium vibe. Buyers can’t go wrong with the Cherry Switches which offer great responsiveness, performance and feedback compared to cheaper knockoff switches that have begun to enter the market. The price has gone up due to supply/demand and the unpredictable Aussie dollar, but the value in the K70 keyboard is still there. Spend some time acclimating to the software or circumvent it with downloadable profiles and what you’re left with is the premier keyboard on the market and the absolute best keyboard for your money.


Product Link: Click Here


Comparable models:

Corsair K95, Razer RGB Chroma, Tesoro Durandal, SteelSeries APEX, Ducky Shine 4



Perfect Switches: Tactile and bouncy. Pristine levels of feedback with the right amount of noise.

RGB Functionality: Absolutely extraordinary. Huge room for customization; does everything as advertised. Ridiculously impressive in action.

Build Quality: Sturdy build with black metallic detailing. Chunky braided cable. 100% premium design.

Value: The price tag is heavy, but easily justified with the quality and value added features offered here.



Software: Convoluted UI, time consuming design. Should be trimmed down and simplified.

Plug-and-Play Issues: Keyboard recognition problems, I’m sure it isn’t wide spread though.

The Logo: The new Corsair Gaming logo isn’t fantastic. I really wish they kept the previous logo instead of opting for the weird cutlass tattoo combo. Now I’m just being picky.


Author: Josh 'deathdoG' Edwards




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