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Best PC Games of 2014

2 January 2015

So 2014 comes up with a wrap and we head into 2015. Some of the popular games are listed below. Which game was your favourite of the year?



Dragon Age: Inquisition

The third installment of the Dragon Age series will put you in the shoes of a brand new protaganist who can choose to save the world from itself or bring war to factions in conflict. It's huge in terms of scope and will make improvements on its predecessors with a new combat system focused on strategy and tactical decisions. There's even customizable weapons to execute the orders in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Players on every console will also be able to use tactical view for the first time, making coordinating your attacks with your party members a cinch.



Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is hard to put down. In this collectible card game, players choose between nine World of Warcraft-esque class decks (Shaman, Paladin, Rogue, etc.) and compete either against AI opponents to level up decks or in an arena against real competitors for packs and other goodies. We love putting together unconventional decks and dominating people with strategy and a little bit of luck. The matches are quick and it's fun discovering new ways to use your cards in battle.



Far Cry 4

The Himalayan country of Kyrat is a place of myth, faith, secrets, lies, and beauty, and it's one of the best-realized locations I've ever explored in a video game. Kyrat is a colossal, dense, visually diverse place that feels lived in, torn up, and ancient. Far Cry 4 capitalizes on every available strength to make it an amazing open world for first-person action and adventure, while failing repeatedly in creating enjoyable characters within it.




Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot embraces the core philosophies of the classic stealth series while injecting controversial elements of modern game design. On both PC and console, though, the modifiable difficulty settings allow players to tailor their own experience. Stealth-only takedowns, instant fail detection, deactivated mini-maps, and an on/off option for the guide arrow, slow-mo, and vision mode should give purists plenty of means to play Thief exactly as they used to.




The first game from Respawn Entertainment is looking to offer one of the most explosive competitive experiences this year. With no focus on a single-player campaign, you'll spend your time in firefights either on foot as a parkour pilot who can run on walls or in the cockpit of superfast, agile mechs called Titans. Team-based objectives and a variety of Titan classes will keep each match unique and it's exciting to think how Titanfall could change up the FPS landscape.



Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

It's time to continue our adventures in Sanctuary, and this time around we've got a holy hero to do it with. The Crusader is the sixth class coming to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. He’s a mid-range evil-vanquisher who brandishes a mix of flails, swords, and shields. Along with a new chapter, the expansion will do away with the questionable Real Money Auction House and add an all-new adventure mode.



The Sims 4

You’ll be able to simulate your own life or that of stylized customizable characters in The Sims 4. It won't wildly reinvent simulation the genre, but with the powerful new Create-A-Sim and construction tools, you'll find that it’s easier than ever before to fine-tune details both if you're creating a character or building a house. Sims will also have emotional states in The Sims 4, so you'll be able to create new stories for them, with more options. Oh, and did we mention that it will be playable offline?



World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

The fifth World of Warcraft expansion sends us back in time to help the storied Warchiefs of old deal with The Iron Horde. The upgraded character models and animations look amazing and Draenor itself is a whole continent full of dynamic quests and events to help you make your way up to the raised level 100 cap. Garrisons, World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draenor's mini-game version of player housing, will also make their debut appearance.

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