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Corsair LX SSD Overview

5 August 2014


The new Corsair Force LX is a new addition to the SSD line-up aiming their sights on the budget sector of the market. Using the latest controller by Silicon Motion, Corsair aims to deliver performance while keeping the price down. The LX SSD is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models.


The drive comes in at 7mm meaning it's pretty much compatible with anything. It doesn't ship with any accessories however such as a bracket or even screws which are probably to keep the cost of the product down. The housing of the Corsair LX is pretty standard across the board, aluminium casing with a heat-sink bottom – the usual setup for most SSD models.



The performance of the drive was expected around this price range as the Read came in at roughly 525MB/s on average which is on-par or higher than most competitors SSD models. The Write speed was averaging around 300MB/s which are still pretty quick for a budget drive.


For users looking for a simple SSD option that’s highly compatible with most computers, cheap and well built – the Corsair LX is a good choice for budget conscious users without sacrificing quality.


The Corsair LX Series SSD is available here.



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