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Timeline: What Is Your Favourite Thermaltake Cases of All Time

21 July 2014

Thermaltake has been a long time manufacturer of key computer products such as coolers, power supplies and cases with notable achievements such as developing the world’s first water CPU cooler. Over the years, Thermaltake has released many different types of computer cases, from simple designs to some incredibly unique and premium ones. Today, we have a look at the different models Thermaltake has released and see how they evolved.


Some popular cases throughout Thermaltake history has been their Soprano and Armor range. These TT cases were popular with lots of gamers as the design was quite unique and features a big window side panel for a decent price tag. We used to see the Sopranos everywhere during the LAN days and everyone wanted one. They have also created some premium cases like the Sword Man and Thermaltake Level 10. The Sword Man design was quite uncommon when it was released as it looked like a skateboard was fitted on top plus it came out of the box with wheels. You could say the Level 10 was also somewhat on a different level to what we’ve seen in case design as it was ambitious and iconic.


My favorite design still has to be the Thermaltake Level 10 – when it was released, nothing really matched the case in terms of innovation and functionality, simply jaw-dropping. 


What are your favourite ones? Did you have a Soprano like everyone else?



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