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Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Review

23 June 2014


Thrustmaster has been renowned for making high quality flight simulation gear so you would expect the same kind of treatment with their racing wheels. They are no newcomers to this market as they’ve released a fair few models in this category. Today we’re looking at one of the product from their racing wheels range – the T100 Force Feedback Racing wheel for the PC and PS3.


The T100 is a steering wheel and pedal combo which comes complete out of the box ready for action. The wheel is not of real-world size scale but it’s moulded really well offering comfortable rubber grips. The face of the wheel features easy to use guide buttons for easier navigation through menus in-game. As the set doesn’t come included with a gear shifter, the wheel features a paddle shift design for manual transmission in-game.


Setting up the wheel was pretty straightforward as all you need to do is plug in the power and USB cable after the software is installed. Supported games will automatically detect the wheel and you’re ready to go.


We tried out the Thrustmaster T100 wheel with a variety of racing games such as NFS: Shift 2, DiRT 3 and GRID 2. There wasn’t any hassle setting up the wheel with these games as it was pretty much auto-detected it without any fiddling around. The wheel felt great with the games as it was quite responsive and the force feedback feature working really well. If you didn’t fancy resistance on the wheel, you can turn off force feedback via one button on the wheel.


Although the wheel wasn’t real world sized, I was pretty happy with the overall feel of the unit. The pedals were made out of plastic but were very durable and not flimsy with some pressure resistance that was spot on. The only thing the pedal set needed improving was the weight or ability to add weight to it as it was too light and moved around quite a bit on smooth floors even with the rubber grips – on carpet however, the unit was fine. The clamp of the wheel was easy to lock in and provided no movements with use.


Overall the T100 Force Feedback is a great mid-range wheel set coming in at $150. Even made out of plastic, the quality of the products is very durable plus the force feedback feature adds more immersion with your games. If you don’t want to spend too much for a wheel set but want something decent, the T100 is your best bang for buck.




• Durable Design

• Force Feedback Feature

• Easy Installation - No Hassles




• Pedal base needed some weight


Written by: Agus 'Goosenstuffs' Berry (From RESPAWN NINJA)

Tags: Thrustmaster, T100 Racing Wheel

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