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Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

30 May 2014

HyperX, a gaming focused division for Kingston Technology has been mostly renowned for their quality performance memory and solid state drives. Moving into the gaming peripheral market is however a different step for the brand. This is not the first headset HyperX has released with their version of the popular SteelSeries Siberia headset last year. This time, we see Kingston release a ‘premium’ range headset called the HyperX Cloud.


The HyperX Cloud is a gaming headset aimed for the PC market but also works well with the PS4 and Xbox One (with the appropriate connector). Out of the box, we can already see and feel why the Cloud sits in the more premium pricing for headsets as the frame is quite sturdy and well-built. The ear cups feel rugged and tough while the headband is wrapped in nice leather.


Inside the box, you do get a plethora of connectors from the basic extensions to the 2x 3.5mm to a single 3.5mm extension cable. You do also get two sets of ear cushions: the memory foam one and the leather one.


Looking at the design of the headset, I felt the Cloud resembled another brand’s design. Upon further investigation, the Cloud was co-developed with Swedish company QPAD and the Cloud was a re-branded and re-worked version of their QH-90 Headset.


Testing out the headset, I can see why Kingston has chosen QPAD to co-develop the Cloud with because the sound was just incredible. Featuring 53mm drivers, testing the Cloud out in games such as Battlefield 4 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive was just perfect with all levels coming through without any issues. The ear cups were also incredible at blocking out any external sounds so you can be immersed into the gaming world.


The Cloud comes with a detachable microphone – convenient if you just want to game without having the microphone poking you in the face. The microphone just like the audio quality of the headset recorded quite clearly – almost studio like. The only downside I found with the unit was the proper placement of the microphone, having to adjust the band to get the right angle to record my voice clearly.



To test the bass even further, I played some bass-centric music on the headset. Pumping through Porter Robinson’s Languange, a song with almost all levels blasting felt really define without any distortion whatsoever. The headset replicated the song well and with further tests in other music genres, the Cloud doesn’t disappoint.


Comfort is quite an important aspect to gaming headsets and its clear HyperX and QPAD understand this part of the design when creating the Cloud. The headset fits perfectly well on my head without putting any inconvenient pressure. I wore the Cloud for about 3 hours of Wolfenstein gaming and it never put any stress on my head.


Overall, the HyperX Cloud is an incredible piece of hardware. The quality of the audio combined with a comfortable design really made the Cloud one of the best headsets I’ve used in ages. The Cloud comes bundled with various cables suited for mobile and even console gaming and the whole package really adds to the price tag of the headset. If you’re looking for something that not only does extremely well in the audio department but feels great on your head for hours of gaming, the Kingston HyperX Cloud is definitely something you should consider.




• Great build, sturdy and comfortable

• Impressive Audio and Bass

• PS4 and Xbox One Compatible




• Microphone Pickup


Written by: Agus 'Goosenstuffs' Berry (From RESPAWN NINJA)

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