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Overview of Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset

8 April 2014

The company Plantronics have always produced a quality line of gaming headsets under the previous branding GameCom. Their most recent product the ‘Plantronics RIG’ seamlessly blends together Gaming and Phone interface so that you can take calls while in the middle of your gaming session. I’m sure you’ve been in the scenario where you’re immersed into your chosen multiplayer (or singleplayer!) game when suddenly your phone chimes and rips you away back into reality. You answer your phone while trying to manoeuvre your character one handed on the controller or keyboard, it generally doesn’t work out and you get eliminated. With the new RIG, all it takes is a quick press of a button and you’re on the phone communicating. 


What makes this magic happen is a small black, circular hockey puck shaped device called the mixer. It allows for USB or audio (3.5mm) cable to plug into either your PC or console and then another plugin for your smartphone device. You can take your call by pressing down on the flip device located in the middle of the mixer.  You can swivel the border of the device to adjust the general volume of the headset or adjust the specific volumes of your phone / PC or console with little dragging tools on each side of the flip device. The control scheme is simple to use and simple to setup; drivers are installed on plugin for ease of access.  The headset is also useful for when you want to go out and about and listen to music / to phone with another 3.5mm cable equipped with a boom-mic and phone controls if earbuds aren’t really your thing. 

Plantronics RIG Universal Stereo Headset + Mixer Black

The headset looks plain but is deceptively comfortable with attractive colour schemes (either black or white) to match. The circular earcups are padded with large bands of memory foam and pivot 90 degrees to sit flat on a table. The headband applies little to no pressure across the top of your head thanks to another lined band of foam making it easy to wear for long periods of time. 

The audio produced is clear, crisp and overall just a natural sound. The mixer provides three different EQ profiles. Pure is the standard preset for general listening, Intensify boosts the bass tones of the audio, and Seismic sharpens the audio. The audiophiles out there looking options to customize the specific sound settings may want to look at procuring one of the more expensive gaming headsets available on the market. For the price of the headset it’s a pretty good deal, considering most headsets that include mixers face exceeds that price. If you have the money to spend and believe that you’d find the opportunity to use the accessibilities included within the RIG headset, definitely consider this headset as a strong contender in the current market. 


Author: Lauren 'Lozadeeks' King

Tags: plantronics, gaming headset

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